The Society’s archives contain documents and other artifacts dating to the early days of the founding of Marlborough.

Making the catalog of items available online is a long term project in order to assist those conducting research. If you are interested in making an appointment to conduct research at the Society, or are interested in learning more about the terms for custom research conducted by members of the Society, contact us.

If you have items of historical interest related to Marlborough and would like to learn more about donating them to the Society, please contact us.

  1. Books and magazines–An index to our books and magazines. A few are available here to read and search online, and to download. Thanks to Cliff Avey for compiling this list. (View the PDF updated January 31, 2008)
  2. Maps–An index to all maps, including originals and reproductions. Thanks to Sue Brigham and Joan Abshire for compiling this list. (View the PDF updated August 22, 2007.) Some of these and others are available here as high-resolution scans.
  3. Photos–Includes the Rita and Joe Lapine collection of historic Marlborough photos. The Lapines lived on Chandler Street. Joe was a photographer for a local newspaper; Rita was the Marlborough City Clerk from 1962 – 1980. In addition to the photo collection, in 1989 the Society received a generous bequest from the Lapine’s estate to support the collection and the Society’s programs.
  4. Family archives–The Society has papers from several individuals and families, including :
    1. Barnes Family
    2. Bigelow-Cutting Family
    3. Bigelow-Morse Family
    4. Bigelow, Ella
    5. Bigelow, John
    6. Felton, Cyrus
    7. Frye Family
    8. Goodale Family
    9. Gorman (Goulet) Family
    10. Hazelton Family
    11. Howe Family
    12. Howe, Alice B.
    13. Howe, Elton
    14. Howe, Ernest
    15. Kelley, Laura Bergeron
    16. Lauraman Russell
    17. Rice Family
    18. Rice, Jabez III
    19. Russell Family
    20. Sherman-Longley Family
    21. Stevens, Morton
    22. Witt Family

Notes: This is not an exhaustive list, and the collections differ widely in terms of size, time period covered, cataloging, and transcription.


The Society is committed to historic preservation, education, and celebration in Marlborough.

According to the organization's bylaws . . .

The purpose of this Society shall be to collect, study, preserve, and maintain historical records, relics, and objects relating to the history of Marlborough, its founders and peoples; to promote the interest in, and study of, the history of Marlborough, to preserve items of current events that may have historic interest in the future, and to provide a safe depository for the same; to make collections of historical interest and to ensure the continuous adequate care of such collections and their accessibility to the general public; to interest and unite the people of Marlborough and promote understanding of its traditions and history.

Founded: 1964

Research and research assistance is done by volunteers. Rather than pricing by the hour or photo, we simply ask for donations. The Society is an all-volunteer, member-supported organization. It's the only organization responsible for maintaining a growing archive of Marlborough history. The Society receives no support of any kind from the city, state, or Federal government.

Donations can be made by check payable to "The Marlborough Historical Society" and presented in-person or mailed to The Marlborough Historical Society, 377 Elm Street, Marlborough, MA 01752.

Marlborough Historical Society
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