Located at Adams Free Library 2nd level, 69 Park Street, Adams, Massachusetts 01220

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 6 P.M.

Newsletters mailed to members 6 times per year


We encourage you to donate your time and talent by:; Cataloging Materials; Researching and/or composing newsletters; Participating in tours and re-inactments; Donating historic materials, Etc., Etc.

Collection overview:

Collections include (see the website):

  • Adams High School
  • Churches
  • McKinley Rededication
  • President McKinley in Adams
  • Quaker House
  • Sam Adams
  • Susan B. Anthony
Become a member: Your membership not only supports the preservation of Adams' history but also entitles you to eight issues of the Society Newsletters, published throughout the year, which includes interesting stories and photographs of our town's past. The membership year usually starts in April. If you join during any other time of the year you will receive all the Newsletters published in that membership year.
Adams Historical Society
69 Park Street
Adams, Mass. 01220
Phone: 413-743-1799