Deed collection, 1636 (photocopy), 1673-1911

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The Longmeadow Historical Society deed collection contains over 700 deeds dating from the late 17th century to the early 20th century. Most of the properties are in and around Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Many of the deeds are associated with prominent Longmeadow families including Colton, Cooley, Burt, Ely, Bliss, Coomes, Williams, and Keep. Collection also includes a photocopy of William Pynchon’s 1636 deed with the Agawam for land that is now the site of Springfield, MA. Deeds are listed at the item-level and are arranged by deed number. Entries include grantor and grantee names, date of deed, date deed was recorded and are often accompanied by a short note on property or properties involved.

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Deed # Grantor Grantee Date Notes
1 Ephriam Colton Asa Colton 10-24-1765 Land (44 acres) in Enfield, Connecticut
2 Joseph Cooley Samuel Colton 11-19-1730 Land in the meadows
3 Lois Colton Ariel Cooley 12-15-1801
4 Josiah Farnum John Taylor 03-27-1753 Land in Springfield 10 acres
5 Nathaniel Ely Demos Colton 07-14-1803 Tract of land on which Red Store stands
6 William Colton Gaius Bliss 07-06-1816 Fulling mill lot
7 Hezekiah Robinson Pelatiah Ely, Samuel Stebbins 01-28-1826 Land in Longmedow at Matthews Swamp
8 John Cooley Walter Coomes 01-21-1829 Land in Longmeadow
9 Ethan Ely, Jr., Gad O. Bliss John Robinson 02-09-1830 Land and buildings on the east side of Longmeadow Street which Mr. and Mrs. William Goodman now live
10 Carlos Nichols Ethan Ely, Jr. 05-13-1846
11 Richard Salter Storrs William Ely 09-12-1791 Land, northerly half of Ministry Land
12 Benjamin Colton Samuel Colton, Jr. 02-14-1748 Outward Commons probably what is now Ludlow
13 Thomas Colton Isaac Colton 04-30-1744 Land in the vicinity of Raspberry Brook now in Enfield
14 Richard French Samuel Colton 04-26-1730 Land in Somers or Enfield
15 Ephriam Colton Isaac Colton 10-24-1745 Land on the west side of Longmeadow Street south of the green
16 Timothy Nash Ephraim Colton 04-10-1746 Land in the meadows
17 Josiah Colton Ephriam Colton 04-06-1747 Land in Enfield
18a Henry Bliss Nathaniel Ely 01-23-1758 Land in the general field called Grape Swamp
18b Henry Bliss Nathaniel Ely 02-04-1758 His home lot and buildings on the hill and three pracels in the meadows
19 Eli Colton Samuel Colton 06-06-1761 Land in Outward Commons probably in Ludlow
20 Ebenezer Colton, Thomas Colton, Abner Colton Samuel Colton 05-23-1764 land in Longmeadow in general field commonly called Bliss Orchard about 1/2 acre
21 Asa Colton Simon Colton 06-01-1762 A tract of land in the meadows known as Little Orchard
22 Jonathan Bush Samual Colton 05-05-1762 land in Enfield
23 Eleazer Smith Ebenezer Colton 02-27-1767 Land on the west side of Longmeadow Street his home lot and buildings
24 Samuel Cooley Samuel Colton 12-23-1766 land in the general field called Muxmeadow
25 Benjamin Sikes Samuel Colton 04-16-1762 Tract of land in Outward Commons 4 miles more or less in lenth bounded east on Brimfield or the district of Monson and west by Inward Commons or Longmeadow
26 Ephraim Colton, Isaac Colton, Samuel Bliss 02-28-1672 Paper recording land grants of Wet Meadow Longmeadow
27 Thomas Bliss Samuel Colton 08-11-1727 A certain tract of wet meadow lying in Springfield, on the back side of Longmeadow near Enfield
28 William E. Boies Ethan C. Ely 07-03-1893 A tract of woodland known as part of the School lots lying east of Longmeadow Street
29 Gilbert W. Phelps Ethan C. Ely 03-09-1888 Land on the west side of Longmeadow Street
30 Frank C. Allen Ethan C. Ely 07-11-1887
31 Linwood Morgan Ethan C. Ely 09-24-1886 A tract of land with the buildings thereon situated on the west side of Longmeadow Street
32 James Bliss Ethan C. Ely 12-19-1885 Real Estate in Longmeadow
33 John McFethries Ethan C. Ely 05-13-1884 Land on the west side of Longmeadow Street with improvements and building materials
34 Sylvester Bliss, James Bliss Ethan C. Ely 10-02-1882 Land about one and one-half miles southeasterly from the center
35 Sumner W. Gates Ethan C. Ely 03-14-1881 Tract of woodland lying about a mile east of the Town Street
36 Newton Colton Samuel Williams 06-10-1851 Land and buildings on the east side of Longmeadow Street
37 Asa Colton Newton Colton 12-27-1823 Homestead of Newton and John N. Colton South part of home or h ouse lot with buildings thereon
38 Herman Newell Justin Colton 03-26-1830 Land on the east side of Longmeadow Street south of the church
39 Justin Colton Gad O. Bliss 06-15-1841 2 parcels of land in Longmeadow a) bounded on west by highway b) bounded on west by Connecticut River
40 Justin Colton Newton Colton 04-19-1850 Land in the Meadows
41 Justin Colton Walter Bliss 11-27-1840 Land in Muxmeadow
42 Zadock Bliss Asa Colton 03-15-1803 A small tract next to his home lot
43 Abner Chandler Asa Colton 03-13-1801 About five acres
44 Amanda Colton Asa Colton 04-29-1807 About two acres
45 Gaius B. Woolworth Justin Colton 03-02-1840 Land in Michigan
46 Judah Cooley deed Newton Colton 01-15-1842 parcel of land in Longmeadow west of town street
47 Charles Stearns Newton Colton 02-04-1843 Twenty-one acres in Longmeadow with building bounded easterly by Main Street together with timber wood cut that winter
48 Stephen Hale Newton Colton 02-08-1847 A deed to the grist mill, saw mill and dwelling house on Longmeadow Brook about one-half mile east of Longmeadow Street
49 Roderick Burt Newton Colton 10-05-1848 All right and title to the land, grist mill and sawmill being one fourth part known as Longmeadow Mills
50 Ethan Ely, Jr. Newton Colton 01-18-1848 All rights and title to the grist mill and saw mill, together with the dwelling house
51 Eunice Changler, Abner Changler, James Bliss and others Newton Colton 01-29-1848 Three-eights or all interest in the Grist Mill and sawmill situated on Longmeadow Brook southeast of the Meeting House; also the land together with the dwelling house and other buildings attached to said premises
52 Newton Colton Ethan Ely 10-27-1855 Tract of land containing homestead
53 Almon Parker Newton Colton 01-23-1851 About one acre with buildings thereon
54 Isaac Colton Thomas Colton, Josiah Day, John Comtee 04-02-1742 Land Grant
55 General Assembly in Springfield Jonathan Ely 03-18-1746 41 and 2/3 acres of land in Longmeadow east of great river
56 Joseph Leonard Thomas Colton 03-30-1752 Meadow land Parcel I
57 Joseph Leonard Thomas Colton 03-30-1752 Meadow land Parcel I
58 George Colton George Colton 03-28-1754 One half of his land in Longmeadow and in Springfield except his home lot and buildings on Longmeadow Street
59 Samuel Colton, as executor of the estate of Ephraim Colton Asa Colton 12-06-1754 Land in the meadow
60 Sarah Colton Asa Colton 08-13-1756 land in the madows
61 Samuel Colton 05-1762 Undivided land called Inward Commons 39 acres (land grant)
62 John Colton Nathaniel Ely, Jr. 08-15-1776 land at Fields Hill in Longmeadow
63 Aaron Colton William Colton 06-23-1778 Being a part of my home lot and buildings thereon
64a Henry Chandler Daniel Chandler 07-16-1736 Extract from Registry of Deeds for land in Enfiled
64b Henry Chandler Samuel Chandler 12-29-1736 Extract from Registry of Deeds for land in Enfiled
65 Ebenezer Chapin Stephen Williams 03-08-1749 Land near Rattle Snake Mountain, Somers
66 Stephen Bliss, Joel Bliss Nathaniel Ely 08-23-1775 Land in Precinct of Longmeadow
67 Elihu Colton Samuel Colton 08-04-1797 Land in Longmeadow east of highway
68 Nathaniel Ely Nathaniel Ely, Jr. 03-27-1777 Land in Longmeadow near Wheelmeadow Brook
69 Alpheus Colton Gains Bliss [Gaius] 02-12-1788 Land in the General Field about four acres
70 Simon Colton Gains Bliss [Gaius] 03-13-1795 Land south of the Old Red House
71 Jonathan Burt Samuel Colton 02-20-1761 16 acres with buildings thereon
72 John Coomes, Joanna Coomes Richard Woolworth, Jr. 12-24-1799 Land near Round Pond
73 David Burt Noah Bliss 12-18-1792 Land in longmeadow
74 Jonah Cooley deed Noah Bliss 02-17-1795 Land near so-called Powel Hill
75 Luther Warriner Thomas Hale, Jr. 02-11-1791 Meadow land
76 Benjamin Leonard Thomas Colton 12-06-1757 Land on east side Great River
77 Ambrose Collins, Sylvia Collins Samuel Stebbins 03-28-1826 land in Longmeadow on the east side of the street called Wolcott lot
78 Lovice Allen Levi Colton 06-27-1826 Land in the “General Field” with the buildings thereon
79 John Cooley, Jr. Samuel C. Stebbins 10-23-1826 Land in Longmeadow 571/2 acres
80 Asa Colton Stephen Cooley 11-24-1826 land at the Moxy Meadow south of the general field
81 John Woolworth Gaius Bliss 11-28-1826 All of his real estate situated in Longmeadow and described in several recorded deeds
82 Stephen Taylor Oren Taylor 03-16-1827 Land in East Longmeadow
83 Nathaniel Bliss, Jr. Jonathan Burt 01-19-1828 Land on the road that leads to South Wilbraham
84a Noadiah Cooley Ethan Ely, Jr. 09-01-1826 2 tracts of land in Longmeadow
84b Ethan Ely, Jr. Noadiah Cooley 10-28-1829 Judgement against
85 David Mack Samuel C. Stebbins, Pelatiah Ely 05-08-1828 Land about 2 miles eastward of Longmeadow Street
86 Charles Stearns Horatio M. Coomes 04-23-1827 Land in Longmeadow
87 Julius Dart Oren Taylor 04-15-1829 Land in East Longmeadow – one tract with buildings
88 Isaac Calkins Ethan Ely, Jr. 05-25-1829 9 acres on the plain in Longmeadow
89 Adolphus O. Kent Alexander Field 04-10-1828 Land and buildings in Longmeadow
90 Joseph Booth Newton Colton 06-12-1828 Land in the comm field in the meadows
91 Experience Burt Ethan Ely, Jr. 05-15-1829 Land in the meadows near Little Pond so called
92 Gaius Bliss Ethan Ely, Jr. 11-18-1828 Land near Round Pond so called
93 Samuel C. Stebbins Jonathan Ely 01-04-1836 Land on the plain
94 Horatio Coomes Jonathan Ely 02-18-1836 A parcel of land near Hales Meadow
95 Henry Dwight Ethan Ely, Jr. 04-11-1836 Land in Longmeadow north of the Pecowsic Brook
96 Judah Cooley Ethan Ely, Jr. 02-29-1836 Two parcels of land lying on the pine plain, another tract with dwelling house and other buildings held in common with others
97 Norman H. Coomes Ethan Ely, Jr. 04-28-1836 Parcel of land near Ely’s Bridge so called
98 Walter Coomes Ethan Ely, Jr. 06-22-1837 Land in Longmeadow
99 Ira Parker Newton Colton 08-08-1837 A parcel of land lying east of the First Parish meeting house bounded on all sides by public ways
100 Chauncey Bliss James Bliss 09-07-1837 Land near the south end of Longmeadow
101 George Colton Ebenezer Russell 02-21-1839 Two parcels of land, one in Longmeadow, the other in Springfield and Longmeadow. The latter with a saw mill and grist mill standing there on and containing two and one-half acres
102 Assignees of Eldad Goodman Orrin Taylor 04-06-1839 An undivided half of a tract of land situated in Longmeadow
103 Assignees of Eldad Goodman Orrin Taylor 04-06-1839 An undivided half of a tract of land situated in Longmeadow
104 Pownal Green Ethan Ely, Jr. 04-09-1839 Tract of land near Burt’s Quarry so called and all rights to the stone in and about siad Quarry and the dwelling house and other buildings
105 George Raynolds Ethan Ely, Jr. 02-10-1836 2 parcels of land, one with dwelling house and other buildings, and situated on the east side of Longmeadow Street
106 George Raynolds Jonathan Ely 02-10-1836 One sixteenth part of a tract of land with dwelling house and other buildings
107 Jonathan Ely Ethan Ely, Jr. 03-21-1836 Four tracts of land situated in Longmeadow
108 Peggy Booth David Booth and others 11-01-1827 Land at place called The Pond and buildings and dower rights from her late deceased husband
109 Chauncey Bliss Newton Colton 06-13-1837 Land in the General Field north of Rasberry Brook
110 Isaac Calkins Newton Colton 02-05-1840 A tract of land containing the Pecousick Meadow so called
111 John B. Stebbins, Aaron Stebbins Ethan Ely, Jr. 06-01-1841 Land on the plain south of Hales Meadow
112 John Bliss Ethan Ely, Jr. 05-15-1841 Three parcels of land in Longmeadow
113 Cyrus Cooley Oren Taylor 08-05-1842 Tract of land in Longmeadow
114 Cyrus Cooley Whiting Cooley 08-05-1842 Home farm in Longmeadow
115 Gaius B. Woolworth William Simons 09-10-1842 Four parcels of land in the town of Longmeadow
116 Sarah Steal Samuel Colton 03-18-1800 Land on the plain southeast of the Mills
117 Henry Colton David Booth 04-17-1800 Land in Necessity meadow
118 Joanathan Hale Nathaniel Ely 09-26-1800 Land about two miles east of the meeting house
119 Ethan Ely, Berry Chase, Jr. Nathaniel Ely 09-26-1800 Land with dwelling hosue and barn
120 Demas Colton Alexander Field 12-07-1801 Land at a place called Gilbert Plain in Longmeadow
121 Lemuel Parsons, Margaret Parsons Asa Colton 02-27-1802 Land in Enfield
122 Alexander Field, Flavia Field David Booth, Margaret Booth 05-24-1802 Land being part of Colton’s pond in the meadows
123 William Cooley Stephen Taylor 01-31-1803 land near a place called Watchoag and originally laid out to Obadiah Cooley
124 Calvin Burt Nathaniel Ely 03-09-1803 land with dwelling house and bard and all rights to the Inke Mill standing thereon
125 Nathaniel Ely Levi Colton 07-13-1803 Deed of mortgage
126 Gideon Burt, Electa Allis Nathaniel Burt 04-14-1803
127 Luther Colton Asa Colton 01-24-1803
128 Ethan Ely Gaius Bliss 03-01-1804 land in Grape Swamp
129 Medad Stebbins Nathaniel Ely 01-08-1803 Land north of Cooley Brook
130 Nathaniel Ely Levi Colton 12-10-1805 Three tracts of land
131 Stephen W. Stebbins Nathaniel Ely 08-05-1806 All rights and titles to land and buildings where said Nathaniel Ely now lives and others
132 Ebenezer Clark Peter Burbank 05-24-1837 Clark special administrator to Estate of Peter Burbank
133 Zadock Bliss Joseph Booth 07-05-1809 Land in the Common Field
134 Stephen Keep Gaius Bliss 02-06-1818 His homestead on Longmeadow Street with eight acres of land
135 David Booth Joseph Booth 05-22-1818 About 1 acre, part of Tim Colton pond so called
136 David Booth, Jr. Samuel C. Booth 05-22-1818 About 2 acres ofland, part of Tim colton Pond so called next to land conveyed to Joseph Booth
137 Samuel Williams Ebenezer Chandler Colton 01-21-1819 Land east of the meeting house about two miles
138 Levi Crandall Asa Colton 04-01-1830 land in Necessity meadow
139 Heirs of John Cooley Ethan Ely, Jr. 05-03-1830 Land in the meadows
140 Heirs of John Cooley Samuel C. Stebbins 07-19-1830 About four acres
141 Stephen Taylor Oren Taylor 03-24-1831 Land in Longmeadow
142 Asa Colton Newton Colton 03-25-1831 About twenty acres at Grassy Gutter
143 Horatio Coomes Ethan Ely, Jr. 04-06-1831 Land at pine hollow in Longmeadow
144 Caleb Field Ethan Ely, Jr. 09-26-1832 Land on the east side of Longmeadow Street
145 Henry Dwight Emmons Arnold, Enos Arnold 02-22-1833 Woodland south of Pecousic Brook
146 Josiah Hunt Ethan Ely, Jr. 09-09-1834 Six acres more or less lying in Longmeadow
147 Asa Colton Newton Colton 10-20-1834 Five acres in Necessity meadow
148 Moses Field Samuel C. Stebbins 12-04-1832 Land three fourths of a mile east of Longmeadow Street
149 William White Norman H, Coomes 08-26-1833 Parcel of land about one and a fourth mile east of the meeting house
150 Lewis White Ethan Ely, Jr. 05-10-1833 Land on the plain one and a half mile eastward of Longmeadow Street
151 Nathaniel Prior Ethan Ely, Jr. 10-20-1834 Two tracts of land on the plain
152 Samuel O. Stebbins Abel W. Willard 10-26-1835 Interest in a tract of land lying partly in Springfield and partly in Longmeadow with one half interst in the buildings and water privileges
153 Sarah Patten, Daniel Lombard Horatio Coomes 04-20-1835 About thirteen acres south of Hales Meadow so called
154 Abel W. Willard Samuel C. Stebbins 10-26-1835 Undivided tract of land partly in Springfield and partly in Longmeadow with the buildings and one half of the water privilege
155 Gideon Colton Ethan Ely, Jr. 01-25-1832 Land in the meadows
156 Walter Coomes Ethan Ely, Jr. 01-20-1838 Tract of land on the plain east of the road leading to the Shaker Village
157 Dimond Chandler Newton Colton 03-28-1838 About two and one half acres with buildings about one hundred rods east of the meeting hours and being a part of the Ministry Lot, so called
158 Henry B. Coomes Ethan Ely, Jr. 05-25-1838 Deed of mortgage with buildings there on
159 Lewis White Orren Taylor, Susan Ashley 11-01-1838 Ten acres and buildings
160 Ithamar Goodman Orrin Taylor 04-06-1839 Longmeadow land
161 Heber Keep Newton Colton 11-12-1839 My homestead in Longmeadow
162 Simeon Newell Ethan Ely, Jr. 09-09-1834 All rights and title into a quarry of stone called the Burt Quarry and all right, title and interest in one undivided half of the Thomson quarry and the land adjoining situated in Longmeadow
163 Nathaniel Bliss, Jr. Ethan Ely, Jr., Jonathan Ely 04-01-1835 One acre of land containing the old stone quarry called Burts Quarry
164 David Booth Samuel Booth 01-25-1834 About 13 acres ont he east side of Longmeadow Street
165 Stephen Hale Ethan Ely, Jr. 06-14-1842 All right, title and interest in the Grist Mill and sawmill and dwelling house situated near or on Longmeadow Brook about one half mile east of Longmeadow Street it being one eighth interest in same
166 Samuel Williams Ethan Ely, Jr. 11-21-1843 Two parcels of land containing 60 and 30 acres respectively
167 Newton Colton Oren Taylor, Olive Colton, Eunecia Hendrick 02-28-1844 All right, title and interest of any real estate of her late husband Stephen Taylor
168 Oliver Hawks Ethan Ely, Jr. 04-12-1844 Land and buildings in Longmeadow
169 Cyrus Cooley Oren Taylor 06-05-1844 Land and buildings
170 Abijah Hendrick Olive Colton 07-25-1844 Land in East Longmeadow
171 Daniel Colton Ebenezer Bliss 01-19-1844 land in the south part of the town and bounded on the west by the Connecticut River
172 Horatio N. Coomes Ethan Ely, Jr. 12-09-1845 Land on Longmeadow brook
173 Ebenezer C. Colton Samuel C. Booth 03-21-1846 All of his real estate and personal estate situated in Longmeadow
174 Ethan Ely Ethan Ely, Jr. 06-30-1847 Tract of land of about five acres with the house and barn thereon; also all rights and title to the Sawmill and Grist Mill situated on Longmeadow Brook together with the dwelling house being one-fourth part thereof
175 Ethan Ely Ethan Ely, Jr. 02-01-1842 Land north of his brick dwelling house reserving one half of the cider mill and house standing on same during his natural life
176 Jonathan Ely Ethan Ely, Jr. 05-20-1847 Two tracts of land one in Longmeadow one in Stafford, Connecticut
177 Jonathan Ely Ethan Ely, Jr. 11-14-1840 Land at Burts Quarry with the stone thereon
178 Hannah Ely and others Ethan Ely 11-10-1848 Three parcels of land in Longmeadow
179 Horatio N. Coomes Ethan Ely 11-08-1849 Land one mile east of Longmeadow Street
180 Joseph Evarts Ethan Ely, Jr. 11-22-1841 Land in Longmeadow
181 Elijah W. Bliss, Charlotte W. Burt Newton Colton 11-21-1851 Land near the burying grounds
182 Stephen Hale Ethan Ely, Jr. 12-26-1845 Land about two miles east of the Meeting house
183 Roderick Burt Ethan Ely, Jr. 12-10-1844 Three tracts of land containing about 60 acres
184 Ethan Colton Gains Bliss [Gaius] 02-21-1812 Land Enfield
185 Ethan Ely Gaius Bliss 05-06-1811 About 7 acres in Grape Swamp
186 Heber Keep Gaius Bliss 12-01-1807 Land on Longmeadow Street
187 Nathan Hale Gains Bliss [Gaius] 10-14-1809 Land in the meadows 43 acres
188 Samuel Stebbins Alexander Field 09-21-1812 Land in Longmeadow
189 Stephen Taylor Oren Taylor 04-08-1814 Two tracts of land and half of a dwelling house
190 Lucy Williams Samuel Williams 02-24-1814 Several tracts of land in Longmeadow and lot in Springfield
191 Augustus Sisson Oren Taylor 06-24-1816 land in East Longmeadow
192 Loring Taylor Oren Taylor 07-28-1817 land and house Loring Taylor to have life use of same. This is in East Longmeadow
193 Asa Colton Newton Colton 12-05-1817 Land in the common field about 2 acres
194 Ethan Ely and others Gideon Burt and others 12-15-1817
195 Zenas Hancock Oren Taylor 03-02-1818 Land in East Longmeadow
196 Daniel Root Oren Taylor 04-24-1820 Land in East Longmeadow
197 Justin Ashley Oren Taylor 05-11-1820 Land in Springfield, land know as Entry Dingle
198 Moses Stebbins, Jr, Oren Taylor 04-01-1820 Land with dwelling house in Longmeadow
199 Calvin Burt Joseph Booth 10-22-1822 About 1 1/2 acres par of George Pond
200 Horace Colton Gains Bliss [Gaius] 11-18-1822 20 acres on Longmeadow Street it was know as the Mile field on Mill road
201 Daniel Clark, Orin Clark Daneil Burbank, Jr. 11-23-1815 Land in Ellington
202 Jonathan Clark Daniel Burbank 01-10-1833 land situated in Somers
203 Plan of Stafford Pasture
204 Hiram Pomeroy Daniel Burbank 09-14-1816 Land in Somers and buildings thereon. See also #572
205 Phoebe Cooley Daniel Burbank, Jr. 1816 Land in Somers
206 Irema Bliss Orrin Newton, Daniel Burbank 10-15-1817 Patent for machine of rectangular sash work
207 Daniel Burbank, Rachel Burbank Daniel Burbank, Jr. 01-03-1827 Several pieces of land – one piece containing dwelling house
208 Jesse Meacham James Spencer 05-10-1844 Land in Somers and buildings thereon
209 Daniel Burbank D. Erskine Burbank 09-25-1856 Land in Enfield
210 Rachel Burbank Daniel Burbank 02-17-1835 Land in Somers, Connecticut
211 Julius Dart Caleb Cook 05-25-1824 Five tracts of land, one with dwelling house and barn – all in East Longmeadow
212 Levi Colton Lovice Colton 02-14-1823 Land and buildings in the “common field” so called
213 Experience Burt Samuel C. Stebbins 04-10-1823 land in the General Field
214 Experience Burt Alexander Field 04-10-1823 Land in the General Field
215 Julius Root Oren Taylor 09-08-1823 Land and dwelling house in East Longmeadow
216 Samuel H. Coomes Samuel C. Stebbins 10-27-1823 Land east of the Town Street
217 Calvin Burt Ebenezer C. Colton 12-23-1823 Land in the General Field
218 John Cooley Ebenezer Bliss 07-26-1824 23 acres and buildings on Longmeadow Street
219 Judah Cooley Samuel Stebbins 01-20-1824 Land on the plain near Pecousic
220 John Coomes and others Ethan Ely, Jr. 03-01-1824 land on the east side of Longmeadow Street with buildings
221 Franklin Taylor Oren Taylor 05-15-1824 Land in Springfield with buildings
222 John Cooley Judah Cooley 03-22-1825 Land in East Longmeadow
223 John S. Cooley Alexander Field 04-12-1825 Land in the General Field
224 Jacob Colton John Woolworth 10-23-1815 a tract of land called Pine Swamp
225 Levi Colton, Freelove Colton Ethan Ely, Jr. 06-08-1829 Land bounded west by the Connecticut River, one acre with the dwelling house thereon
226 Samuel Stebbins Ethan Ely, Jr. 01-11-1830 Land one half mile north of the meeting house and one mile east of the Twon House
227 Samuel Kingsley Ethan Ely, Jr. 04-09-1833 Land on the west side of Longmeadow Street
228 Samuel Emmons Arnold, Enos Arnold Ethan Ely, Jr. 03-27-1834 Land north of Pecowsic Brook
229 Herman Newell Ethan Ely, Jr. 01-04-1830 Land in Longmeadow
230 Sarah Patten, Daniel Lombard Ethan Ely, Jr., Jonathan Ely ??-20-1835 About 23 acres in Longmeadow know as Mill pasture
231 Sarah White Ethan Ely, Jr. 12-28-1837 Land east of Longmeadow Street the west boundary being the log path or highway
232 John Bliss Ethan Ely, Jr. 05-22-1830 Land bounded south on the mill pond Londmeadow Brook
233 Horatio N. Coomes Ethan Ely, Jr. 12-10-1844 land on the plain south of Longmeadow Brook
234 Ethan Ely Ethan Ely, Jr. 08-16-1825 Three tracts of land
235 Edmund Pratt Ethan Ely, Jr. 03-14-1840 Land in Longmeadow
236 James Chapman Samuel Williams 04-07-1809 Stony Hill lot (sketch attached)
237 William Colton Erastus Goldthwait 12-24-1810 Meadow land
238 Oliver Bliss Erastus Goldthwait 02-14-1811 Longmeadow land
239 Lucy Williams Samuel Williams 12-20-1813 Land in Longmeadow
240 Lucy Williams Lucy Williams, Jr. 02-24-1814 Land in Wilbraham, Monson, and Stafford
241 Samuel Williams, Lucy Williams Lucy Williams 02-24-1814 Land in Longmeadow Ensign Samuel Williams family land
242 Amasa Loomis, Abigail Loomis Samuel Williams 07-02-1816 Pot Brook lot in Longmeadow
243 Alpheus Colton Walter Bliss, James Bliss 01-13-1819 Long land near meeting house
244 Walter Bliss James Bliss 02-24-1820 Longmeadow property
245 Ethan Ely Daniel Burbank, Jr. 01-16-1821 Property in southern Longmeadow
246 Alexander Coomes deed James Bliss 03-20-1822 Longmeadow property 2 miles east of meeting house
247 Wilder C. Pease Samuel Williams 08-22-1822 Tract of land in Wilbraham
248 Jonathan Colton Erastus Goldthwaite 05-09-1826 Longmeadow property
249 Sophronia Pierce Erastus Goldthwait 03-16-1827 Longmeadow property
250 Gaius Bliss James Bliss 07-03-1827 Longmeadow property
251 Elijah Colton James Colton 02-01-1822 Longmeadow land at south end of general field
252 Gideon Colton James Bliss 02-29-1832 Longmeadow land
253 Amasa Loomis, Abigail Loomis Samuel Williams 04-07-1834 Land in Longmeadow, Wilbraham, Vermont, etc
254 Josiah Church David Booth and Calvin Cooley 11-17-1801 Land in Stafford
255 Calvin Cooley David Booth 01-16-1804 land in Stafford, Connecticut
256 Jeremiah Chapin Alexander Field 06-18-1804 Land in Somers
257 Samuel Chapin Alexander Field 06-13-1904 Land in Somers
258 Elijah Field Gaius Bliss 05-11-1808 Land in Stafford, connecticut
259 Ozias Robinson Gaius Bliss 11-02-1814 His part of the Hannah Robinson Estate
260 John Foster Joseph Carew 10-16-1815 Building in Springfield
261 Alexander Field Samuel Stebbins 12-04-1818 Land in Tolland Connecticut
262 Asa Kibbe Gaius Bliss 06-22-1819 About two acres in Stafford
263 Joseph Ashley, Oren Taylor Lewis White, Susanna White 05-11-1820 Land in Springfield called “The Entry” (lease)
264 Julius E. Shaw Ethan Ely, Jr. 05-26-1838 Land in Monson
265 Julius Shaw Ethan Ely, Jr. 09-08-1838 Land in Monson
266 George W. Talmadge estate Van R. Humphrey, Laura M. P Humphrey 10-21-1839 land in Ohio
267 Elijah Chapin Ethan Ely, Jr. 02-18-1843 Farm land in Springfield and buildings thereon
268 Levi E. Taylor Elijah Colton, William Burt, Daniel Colton, Henry Keep, John Miller 09-05-1843 Land by burying ground in Longmeadow for horse shed
269 Lathrup Clark Ethan Ely 11-18-1848 Land in Monson
270 Nathaniel Burt Noah Bliss 06-28-1810 Longmeadow land
271 Joanathan Hale Erastus Goldthwait 09-13-1802 General field near Reverand Storrs common
272 Jonathan Hale Erastus Goldthwait 02-05-1801 Longmeadow land on the Plain
273 Erastus Goldthwait Oliver Bliss 01-02-1816
274 Willilam Colton Erastus Goldthwait 04-30-1823 Part of homelot and house in Longmeadow
275 Charles Abbe, Joshua Abbe Daniel Burbank 05-28-1831
276 Warham Colton Erastus Goldthwait 03-20-1827 Meadow land
277 Warham Colton Erastus Goldthwait 06-12-1834 Meadow land
278 Elijah Colton Daniel Burbank 12-22-1837 Deed of a Cart Path
279 Heber Keep Abner Chandler 11-12-1839 Longmeadow Homestead
280 Heber Keep Ethan Ely 11-12-1839 Homestead in Longmeadow
281 Esther E. Colton, Hannah Colton William Goldthwait 11-291845
282 Warham Colton William Goldthwait 11-29-1845
283 Margaret Colton, guardian of minor children William C. Goldthwait 04-05-1846
284 Barnabas C. Knox D. Erskine Burbank 12-10-1861 Land part in Enfield and part in Longmeadow
285 Gideon J. Burt D. Erskine Burbank 09-08-1865
286 Richard French Samuel Colton 04-26-1730 French’s Swamp 50 acres of land in Enfield or Somers
287 Ely Colton, Sarah Colton Heirs of Asa Colton 07-14-1770 Release all claims to any part of estate of brother Ephraim Colton
288 Jonathan Hale Simon Colton 09-27-1783 Land on the east side of Longmeadow Street
289 Joseph Markham Samuel Colton 02-09-1784 Land in Enfield, connecticut on the Somers Road
291 Stephen Chandler, Hephzibah Chandler David Burt, William Sheldon, Lucy Colton 01-05-1785 Land in Enfield in the meadows
292 Abner Colton Jonathan Hale 03-03-1787 Land on Longmeadow Street and a piece in the meadows
293 Simon Colton, Ebenezer Colton Town of Longmeadow 04-07-1788
294 Eli Bliss Nathaniel Ely, Jr. 08-31-1789 Land with house and well in Longmeadow
295 Silas Hale Asa Colton 12-28-1790 Land in the south end of the General Field called Necessity Meadow
296 Moses Field Alexander Field 12-27-1792 Several pieces of land on the est side of Longmeadow Street
297 Jonathan Dwight, Thomas Dwight Nathaniel Ely, Ethan Ely 09-26-1793 All title and interst in the land that they held by deed from Samuel and Ebenezer Bliss
298 Lucy Colton Alexander Field, David Booth, Benjamin Stebbins 12-06-1794 All of the real estate left to Lucy Colton after two other distributions of the estate of Samuel Colton, deceased. The three men above married their three daughters, Flavia, Lucy, margaret
299 Nathaniel Ely Nathaniel Ely, Jr. 12-18-1790 Several parcels of land including the home lot on Longmeadow Street with the brick house and barns
300 Azariah Woolworth Nathaniel Ely, Jr. 12-08-1797 Land on Longmeadow Street
301 Leonard Kingsbury Nathaniel Ely, Jr. 12-08-1797 Land and buildings a little north of the meeting house
302 John Davice Samuel Colton 04-19-1728 Land in the town of Somers on the Scantic River
303 Samuel Cooley Samuel Colton 08-17-1768 Land in the general field in the meadows
304 Timothy Colton Samuel Colton 05-02-1770 Home lot about 10 and a half acres and buildings and meadowland
305 Samuel Colton Asa Colton 11-06-1770 Land in the meadows three parcels
306 Ebenezer Bliss, Samuel Bliss The Precinct of Longmeadow 12-11-1772 About 17 acres of pine land
307 Abner Colton, David Burt, executors of the estate of Jacob Colton Samuel Colton 02-06-1773 Land in Enfield
308 Walter Coomes James Bliss 06-22-1837 Land in Longmeadow
309 Sarah Crandell, administrator of the estate of Edward Crandall Nathaniel Ely 03-02-1790 land in Longmeadow
310 Alexander Field, Flavia Colton Field Benjamin Stebbins 05-30-1794 Land in the general field
311 William Sheldon Nathaniel Ely, Ethan Ely 04-02-1794 land and buildings a little west of the meeting house
312 Calvin Burt Benjamin Stebbins 08-27-1794 land in the meadows
313 Benjamin Stebbins, Lucy Colton Stebbins David Booth 10-07-1794 Mill Pasture
314 William Hancock Benjamin Stebbins 09-17-1794 Eight and one quarter acres of land
315 Luther Colton Benjamin Stebbins 01-31-1795 land in the general field
316 Benjamin Stebbins, Lucy Colton Stebbins Ebenezer Chandler Colton 03-20-1795
317 Benjamin Stebbins, Lucy Colton Stebbins David Booth 07-10-1795 Land in the General Field
318 Erastus Colton Ebenezer C. Colton 12-14-1795 All rights and title to all land and buildings left by his father
319 David Booth, Margaret Booth Asa Colton 09-30-1796 Landin the meadows
320 Ethan Ely Nathaniel Ely, Jr. 10-09-1795 All rights and title of land in Longmeadow whcih both helf by deed from Thomas and Joanathan Dwight
321 Gideon Colton David Booth, Margaret Booth 04-01-1796 Two lots including the home lot with buildings on Longmeadow Street and land in the meadows and on the plain
322 David Booth, Margaret Booth Gideon Colton 03-13-1796 Several parcels of land inclduing the home lot and buildings; the rest in the meadows
323 Alexander Field, Flavia Field David Booth, Margaret Booth 09-30-1796 part of Tim Colton Pond
324 Zadock Bliss Nathaniel Ely, Jr. 04-13-1795 Land in the Common Field
325 Gideon Colton, Jr. Nathaniel Ely, Jr. 03-04-1700 Land in the Longmeadow field with a dwelling house standing thereon
326 Luke Cooley Nathaniel Ely 03-04-1799 Land in Somers
327 Geroge Thompson Alexander Field 12-26-1799 Land in Somers
328 Ebenezer Bliss Gaius Bliss 05-25-1790 13 acres with buildings on Longmeadow Street
329 Daniel Green Ethan Ely 01-25-1859 Land and buildings in Longmeadow
330 Alexander F. Stebbins Ethan Ely 06-01-1834 Land with house and barn
331 D. Erskine Burbank Ethan Ely 09-14-1865 land on the plain
332 Margaret B. Taylor Mary B. Haralson 03-12-1864 About one and a half acre south of the cemetery
333 Loammi Simons, Newton Colton Abagail Colton 10-09-1851 One-half of the homestead, on-half of the home pond and one-half of the Simon lot in the General field
334 Gilson D. Hollister Ethan Ely 05-10-1852 Land on the east side of Longmeadow Street two parcels
335 Edmund Pratt Ethan Ely 05-25-1853 Land on the plain
336 Justus Boies, Sara Boies Ethan Ely 10-13-1851 A tract of land near Hales Meadow
337 Abigail Colton, Miranda Colton Newton Colton 02-02-1848 About twenty acres at Grassy Gutter
338 James K. Coomes Ethan C. Ely 02-11-1870 About thirty-three acres about two and a half miles east of Longmeadow Street
339 Stephen T. Colton D. Erskine Burbank 01-14-1853
340 Lester H. Colton D. Erskine Burbank 07-26-1856
341 John B. Hale Ethan Ely 06-13-1850 Land in the meadows in the General Field
342 Noah Bliss Naomi Colton and others 04-18-1862 Five acres commonly called the School Lot
343 Lucy C. Storrs, E. W. Storrs D. Erskine Burbank, Noah Bliss 10-31-1863 Deed
344 William Sheldon Eleazer W. Storrs 11-30-1855
345 D. Erskine Burbank Ethan C. Ely 02-08-1869 Land about one and one half miles southeast from church
346 Eleazer W. Storrs, Eunice C. Storrs John S. Watters 07-04-1865 Deed
347 D. Erskine Burbank Ethan Cooley Ely 12-21-1868
348 Solomon Worthington Simon Colton 02-01-1871 Deed
349 William E. Bliss D. Erskine Burbank 11-12-1866
350 Emerett Coomes D. Erskine Burbank 03-21-1872
351 D. Erskine Burbank Ethan C. Ely 10-04-1869
352 James K. Coomes Ethan C. Ely 04-22-1871
353 Edmund Coomes D. Erskine Burbank 08-11-1880
354 Ethan Ely Ethan Cooley Ely 03-04-1872
355 Ethan Ely Ethan Cooley Ely 05-19-1868 Known as Mill pasture Land
356 John D. Coomes D. Erskine Burbank 01-03-1881
357 Lorin Pease D. Erskine Burbank 09-23-1863
358 John B. Coomes D. Erskine Burbank and Sylvester Bliss 02-04-1860
359 William Ely Richard Salter Storrs 09-12-1791 Land in Longmeadow Ministry land
360 Margaret B. Taylor, Newton E. Taylor Richard Salter Storrs 06-21-1872 Parcel
361 Joseph Dion Richard S. Storrs 01-26-1872 Land where the church and parish house stand
362 Basil Dion Joseph Dion 01-21-1867 Blacksmith shop and Coal House
363 Aaron C. Stebbins Emerett Coomes 05–8-1861 Deed
364 Berry Chase Berry Chase, Jr 03-04-1796 Ink Mill and utensils
365 Calvin Burt Berry Chase 02-12-1795 Mill standing
365 Berry Chase Berry Chase, Jr 03-04-1796 Ink Mill and utensils
366 Hezekiah Burt D. Erskine Burbank 06-13-1863
367 Simon Colton (executors) Ethan C. Ely 01-09-1878
368 William Simons D. Erskine Burbank 06-27-1870
369 Lucy Ann Storrs Richard S. Storrs 02-05-1868 Part of Storrs property
370 Richard S. Storrs D. Erskine Burbank 11-15-1872
371 Sanford Lawton Ethan C. Ely 01-03-1871 A narrow strip on the east side of Longmeadow Street a few tods north of the center
372 Sanford Lawton Richard S. Storrs 06-16-1875
373 Aaron Bliss Sylvester Bliss, D. Erskine Burbank 09-21-1866
374 Daniel E. Burbank Ethan Ely 11-26-1867
375 Charlotte Coomes D. Erskine Burbank 01-03-1881
376 Francis T. Cordis D. Erskine Burbank 02-18-1871
377 Ethan Ely Ethan Cooley Ely 02-11-1869 Known as Mill pasture Land
378 Orrin B. Cooley deed D. Erskine Burbank 06-18-1874
379 John Colton et al D. Erskine Burbank 07-29-1884
380 Aaron C. Stebbins Ethan Ely 04-11-1851 Land near the highway leading to the depot
381 Loammi Simons, Sarah Simons, Newton Colton, Naomi Colton Daniel Burbank 09-18-1855
382 Aaron C. Stebbins D. Erskine Burbank 07-18-1863 Deed
383 Simeon Colton Daniel Burbank 08-01-1851
384 Daniel Burbank D. Erskine Burbank 11-07-1888 Homestead
385 Hezekiah Burt James Bliss 02-04-1851
386 Kendall Bancroft William A. Bancroft 12-03-1862 Land in Millers Plain in Montague
387 Minnie Gilmore Justin B. Perkins 06-27-1896 Longmeadow land
388 M. W. Mahoney William Read 04-09-1897 Land in Chicopee
389 Robert McChester Cyrus Newell 11-02-1838 Folder labeled 220 Longmeadow Street
390 John Cooley and others Cyrus Newell 12-02-1841 in folder labeled 220 Longmeadow Street
391 Charles S. Newell Nelson C. Newell 08-30-1886 In folder marked 220 Longmeadow Street
392 Thomas Colton Thankful Colton, Joanna Coomes 12-12-1797 200 acres of land in Longmeadow
393 Thankful Colton Joanne Coomes 12-24-1799 Grassy gutter Road property
394 Alpheus Colton Walter Bliss 02-04-1818 Longmeadow land
395 Sabine White Walter Bliss 04-27-1825 Longmeadow land and dwelling
396 Gideon Burt Walter Bliss 04-29-1825 Longmeadow Tract near meeting house
397 Noadiah Cooley Walter Bliss 07-13-1831 Land in Mux meadows
398 Samuel Stebbins Walter Bliss 05-23-1838 Meadows land
399 Mark C. Webster Walter Bliss 03-24-1842 Meadow land
400 Colton Family Walter Bliss 07-24-1856 Longmeadow land
401 Aaron C. Stebbins Walter Bliss 04-22-1848 George Pond
402 Daniel Gates Walter Bliss 05-12-1825
403 Lyman Colton Daniel C. Bliss 04-14-1864 Drain lot
404 Mary Noble, Harvey Noble William E. Bliss 03-27-1862 Part of Abner Colton lot
405 Dimond Chandler William E. Bliss 10-05-1866 Musmeadow land
406 Dimond Chandler William E. Bliss Mortgage deed discharge. Recorded lib 247, Fol 379 (date listed is for the discharge record date)
407 Stephen Colton William E. Bliss 02-10-1872 Land in Enfield near Shakers land
408 Abigail Cooley William E. Bliss 02-17-1872 Meadow land along the river
409 Richard S. Storrs D. Erskine Burbank 11-15-1872 In trust for First Parish whenever said parish pays him
410 John N. Colton D. Erskine Burbank, treasurer of trustees of Ministerial Fund 11-16-1881 Land in General field
411 Sumner W. Gates D. Erskine Burbank 02-01-1888 Branch lot
412 First Parish of Longmeadow D. Erskine Burbank 01-27-1890 Quit claim Lot 19 Division 5 in Parish Burying Ground
413 Peter Burbank Daniel Burbank, Jr. 03-01-1813 Land in Somers, Connecticut
414 David Hunt Daniel Burbank, Jr. 27 acres of land and buildings Longmeadow bounded in north by Mill river meadow
415 Heber Keep Daniel Burbank Barn and Oven in Longmeadow, Massachusetts
416 Shubark Pease and others John Carew Land in Somers
417 Gilson D. Hollister Ethan Ely 12-29-1852 Land and buildings on Longmeadow Street
418 William Sheldon Eleazer W. Storrs 03-24-1856 Land in Chicopee, Massachusetts belonging to estate of late Samuel Williams
419 Barnabas C. Knox D. Erskine Burbank Land in enfield, connecticut bounded on north by state line
420 Harrison Root Willard A. Bancroft Land in Montague Massachusetts east side of highway leading to Northfield
421 Daniel Castle D. Erskine Burbank 11-15-1873 Land on North side of highway leading from Longmeadow Stree to East Longmeadow
422 William A. Bancroft D. Erskine Burbank Property in Montague, Massachusetts (Federal Street)
423 William A. Bancroft D. E. Burbank Personal property in Ontegue, Massachusetts
424 Henry King Hampden Savings Bank 07-22-1875 Land on Fort Pleasant Avenue Springfield
425 Samuel Burbank D. E. Burbank 09-15-1875 land near Sumner Avenue in Springfield
426 Samuel Smith D. E. Burbank, J.K. Coomes 09-02-1881 All wood on his farm in Springfield
427 Mary Welch D. Erskine Burbank, Thomas Cordis 07-02-1891
428 William Read Hannah Giddings land in Brightwood
429 Adaline S. Holt D. Erskine Burbank, James Coomes 11-18-1893 Land on Fort Pleasant Avenue in Springfield
430 William Read D. E. Burbank, Thomas Cordis Land on Talcott and Fisk Avenue Springfield
431 Hampden Conundum Wheel Company William Read Westerly side of Fisk Avenue, Springfield
432 William Read D. Erskine Burbank, James Coomes
433 William Read D. Erskine Burbank, James Coomes 03-14-1893 land on Talcott Avenue Springfield
434 Emma Salman Willard Elmer Land in Agawam
435 Ella Walton, Simon E. Walton D. Erskine Burbank 10-18-1898 Land on northwesterly side of Cornell Street in Springfield
437 William Nickels Samuel Colton 06-14-1722 House and barn in Brimfield
438 Samuel Cooley Samuel Colton 06-01-1772 House and land bound north by Eli Cooley, south by Israel Cooley, east by Josiah Cooley, west by County Road
439 Amarer and Flavia B. Converse David Booth 09-19-1831 Ely & Breakneck lots
440 Bethiah Baldwin Elijah Colton 08-31-1811 Power of Attorney given to Elijah Colton to transfer land in Lime, New Hampshire
442 John Lankton Benjamin Root 05-18-1718 An acquitance
443a Newton Colton Almon parker 01-20-1851 Tract of land 1 acre with building standing thereon
443b Almon Parker John S. Waters 12-06-1853
444 Simon Colton, et al Simon Colton 01-19-1756 1/4 part of 20 acre school land plot. (Simon Colton was a Committee member)
445 D. Erskine Burbank James K. Coomes 02-24-1896 Mortgage deed
446 Sylvester Bliss, et. al Eunice Bliss 05-02-1864 5 acres of land
447 Jonathan Cooley Nathanial Burt 05-09-1789 105 acres of land in Longmeadow
448 Oliver Burt Thomas Colton 07-05-1732 Arbitration bond
449 John Silcock Samuel Coomes 09-11-1815 Attachment on his estate
450 Stephen Taylor Simon Brooks, James Kent 01-1803 Wolfhill lot at West Springfield
451 Oren Taylor Loring Taylor 07-28-1817 Land and dwelling house
452 Oren Taylor, Susan Ashley Lewis White 11-01-1838 Bond
453 Nathaniel Ely, Jr. Nathaniel Ely, Sr. 12-28-1790 A lease for land in Longmeadow
454 Nehemiah Stebbins Nathaniel Ely 10-11-1787
455 Stephen Williams Stephen Williams 03-13-1780 Lot in Southampton
456 Asa Colton’s estate 05-05-1779 Executors appointment
457 D. Erskine Burbank Charles.F. Spellman 05-21-1897 Real Estate
458 Samuel Keep Land record entered by surveyor
459a Edward Kibbe Land record entered by surveyor
459b Deacon Ebenezer Warriner 04-20-1732 Land record entered by surveyor in property records Town of Enfield
460 Ebenezer Pease 10-1745 Land record entered by surveyer in Somers
461 Chapin Lot description
462 Sam’ll Williams Lot description in Meadows
463 William H. Foster Ethan Ely, Jr. 01-04-1830 Land in Springfield
464 Miriam Hale Gad Colton, Ethan Ely 04-11-1816 Land and marriage contract
465 Gideon Burt and others Daniel Burbank 03-14-1836 Dower of Anna G. Burt estate of Samuel Colton
466 Chauncey Bliss James Bliss 09-07-1837 Longmeadow land
467 Adolphus D. Kent James Bliss 02-22-1839 Longmeadow land east of town street
468 Walter Bliss James Bliss 12-19-1839 Longmeadow land on Connecticut river
469 Sabin Burt Walter Bliss, James Bliss 03-29-1842 Longmeadow land known as the “George Lot”
470 Gaius B. Woolworth James Bliss 03-20-1843 Six acres or more Longmeadow land
471 David Storrs Eunice C. Storrs 06-08-1843 Storrs homestead and land
472 Richard S. Storrs Eunice C. Storrs 06-19-1843 All his interest in Storrs Homestead
473 Robert McChester James Bliss 01-01-1844 His homestead in Lomgmeadow
474 Newton Colton James Bliss 03-10-1845
475 Levi Hackley, Stephen Hackley Samuel Williams 04-01-1848 Quit Claim 150 acres known as Williams lot in Wilbraham
476 Samuel Hackley, Abigail Dwight Samuel Williams 04-01-1848 Quit Claim to William’s lot in Wilbraham
477 William Sheldon, Eleaser Storrs, Eunice Storrs Samuel Williams 03-01-1848 Land in Wilbraham
478 Charles P. Storrs Eunice C. Storrs 12-26-1848 Deed
479 Charles S. Billings Eleazer W. Storrs 02-02-1850 Parsonage House
480 D. Erskine Burbank Ethan Ely 02-26-1880 About one hundred and fifty acres lying about a mile east of Longmeadow Street
481 J. Marshall Burt Ethan C. Ely 09-13-1879 Land in Longmeadow known as Grassy Gutter lot
482 William D. Chandler Ethan C. Ely and others 02-13-1879 land on the plains
483 Hezekiah Burt Ethan C. Ely 02-14-1879 Estate
484 John B. Coomes, Almira K. Coomes Ethan C. Ely 12-21-1877 2 parcels on eastside Longmeadow Street
485 D. Erskine Burbank assignee of the estate of Henry King Ethan Ely 12-22-1877 Land south of Hales Meadow
486 Frank S. King Ethan C. Ely 12-01-1877 Land near Hales Meadow
487 Sumner W. Gates Ethan C. Ely 11-15-1876 Land in Longmeadow east of the Town Street
488 Henry King Ethan C. Ely 08-11-1876 Land in Longmeadow about one-half mile east of the Town Street
489 William C. Pease Ethan C. Ely 07-10-1875 Land on the est side of Longmedow Street
490 D. Erskine Burbank Ethan Ely 07-03-1874 land on the north side of what is now Bliss Road
491 John Carney Ethan Ely 04-27-1874 Land partly in Longmeadow and partly in Enfield
492 Laura M. Stebbins (1st), Laura M. Stebbins (2nd) Ethan Ely, Jr. 02-21-1874 Land on Longmeadow Street reserving the right of the use of the dwelling house at the rent of sixty dollars per year, to be paid semi-annually
493 Ethan Ely Ethan C. Ely 04-10-1873 Land known as Pond Meadow
494 William E. Bliss Ethan Ely 11-18-1870 A tract of woodland lying partly in Longmeadow and partly in Enfield
495 Ethan C. Ely Ethan Ely 02-11-1869 Land about eighty rods east of the Twon Street
496 Ethan Ely Ethan C. Ely 04-23-1869 Three parcels of land one mile and a half east of Longmeadow Street
497 William E. Bliss Ethan Ely 01-27-1870 Land on Grassy Gutter in Longmeadow
498 Josiah C. Colton Ethan Ely 09-13-1867 land in Longmeadow about one and a half miles east of the town street
499 William E. Boies Ethan Ely 09-26-1866 Land about three-fourths of a mile southeasterly from the Meeting House near Longmeadow Brook and the Mill Pond
500 Noah Bliss, D. Erskine Burbank Ethan Ely 08-23-1865 Land in Longmeadow
501 Hannah Ely Ethan Ely 02-15-1865 Land in Longmeadow about one and a half miles east of the Twon Street
502 Hannah Ely Ethan Ely 05-27-1864 Land a little east of the town street bounded south by Longmeadow Brook
503 Sylvester Bliss Ethan Ely 04-21-1864 Land near the depot and known as little pond
504 Hannah Ely Ethan Ely 07-13-1860 Tract of land called Hales Meadow about two and a half miles east of the town street
505 Joel L. Dickinson Ethan Ely and others 03-07-1849 Several parcels of land in Longmeadow which were part of the estate of Ethan Ely
506 Walter Bliss Estate 04-15-1862
507 Joel L. Dickinson Ethan Ely 11-10-1848 Land in Monson
508 John Miller Ethan Ely 01-15-1849 Land in the general field called the Keep old orchard
509 Epaphras L. Phelps Ethan Ely, Jr. 03-28-1829 Land in Longmeadow
510 Willis Phelps Ethan Ely 04-05-1841 Land on the Stony Hill in Longmeadow
511 Judah Cooley deed Ethan Ely, Jr. 06-01-1829 Land in Longmeadow
512 John Cooley Ethan Ely, Jr. 07-05-1821 Land in Longmeadow
513 Experience Burt Ethan Ely, Jr. 04-09-1823 Land in the General Field bound on West by Connecticut River
514 Amos Parsons Ethan Ely, Jr. 04-28-1820 Land on the plain in Longmeadow
515 Frederick Burt Ethan Ely 08-11-1794 One-sixth part of Burt’s Freestone Quarry in Longmeadow near the Branch so-called with the priviledge of graound for working the same
516 Noah Bliss William E. Bliss 03-28-1862 A certain tract of land
517 Noah Bliss Daniel C. Bliss, William Bliss 12-01-1862 Wilbraham Land
518 Catherine Bliss William E. Bliss 03-27-1862 Longmeadow land
519 Harriet Bliss (guardian of Lois S. Bliss) Walter Bliss 04-14-1864
520 Catherine Bliss William E. Bliss 11-01-1870 Longmeadow land
521 Catherine Bliss (guardian of Lois S. Bliss) William E. Bliss 09-24-1870 3 1/2 acres in Connecticut
522 Catherine Bliss (guardian of Lois S. Bliss) William E. Bliss 10-17-1866 Longmeadow land
523 Daniel C. Bliis William E. Bliss 01-26-1870 Longmeadow land
524 Daniel C. Bliis William E. Bliss 05-07-1870 Land in Longmeadow partly and partl in Enfield, Connecticut
525 Daniel C. Bliis William E. Bliss 02-21-1870 12 1/2 acres in Longmeadow in the General Field
526 Daniel C. Bliis William E. Bliss 10-30-1866 Longmeadow land
527 Gad O. Bliss, et al. William E. Bliss 03-15-1871 Longmeadow land
528 Harriet Bliss (guardian of Lois S. Bliss) Daniel C. Bliss and William E. Bliss 03-13-1863 Longmeadow land
529 Henry A. Bliss Daniel C. Bliss and William E. Bliss 12-01-1862 Tract of Land in Enfield, Connecticut
530 Noah Bliss and others William E. Bliss 10-18-1866 Tract of Land in Enfield, Connecticut
531 Noah Bliss and others William E. Bliss 10-17-1866 Longmeadow land
532 William E. Bliss Daniel C. Bliss 12-31-1867 Tract of land lying in the General Field
533 William E. Bliss Trustees of the Ministerial Fund of Longmeadow.
534 James H. Coomes D. Erskine Burbank, Jr. 02-26-1896 Meeting given by Gottlieb A. Baer
535 James Coomes D. Erskine Burbank 12-23-1897 Certain meeting
536 James K. Coomes D. Erskine Burbank 07-19-1897 Certain meeting
537 Patrick Davis D. Erskine Burbank 06-22-1895 Homestead
538 Willard Elmer Estate D. Erskine Burbank, et al 05-02-1900 assign of meeting
539 William C. Newell D. Erskine Burbank 09-28-1911
540 Gardner W. Norcross D.E. Burbank et al 02-16-1895 Land in Springfield
541 Paul H. Rappold D. Erskine Burbank 04-17-1901
542 Charles Spellman D. Erskine Burbank 07-26-1899 meeting assignment
543 Charles Spellman D. Erskine Burbank 05-22-1897
544 Charles Spellman D. E. Burbank, J.K. Coomes 05-22-1897 meeting
545 S and S D. Erskine Burbank 05-03-1897
546 Melchior Baer Burbank and Cordis 02-20-1890
547 Gottlieb A. Baer D. Erskine Burbank 10-31-1890
548 Olivia Field C.G. Burbank 09-30-1846 Land in Longmeadow
549 Samuel Burbank D. Erskine Burbank 12-10-1866
550 Charles A. Birnie James B. Burbank 09-27-1890
551 Louisa S. Sikes D.E. Burbank 09-11-1893
552 John N. Colton D.E. Burbank 01-18-1888
553 Mary W. Noble Burbank and Cordis 04-09-1887
554 James Carney Burbank and Cordes 10-17-1884 Also in Land Records of Enfield book 36, pages 198&199
555 Naomi R. Colton D. Erskine Burbank 04-26-1866 An agreement about land
556 Lorin Pease D. Erskine Burbank 05-17-1866 Land in Longmeadow
557 Sylvester Bliss, et. al Jerusha Burbank 05-12-1864 Land in Longmeadow and Wilbraham
558 Morris Manning D. Erskine Burbank 04-13-1868
559 Ethan Ely D. E. Burbank 02-06-1872 Land in Longmeadow
560 Noah Bliss D. Erskine Burbank 06-23-1873
561 Willliam E. Bliss D. Erskine Burbank 08-25-1873 Land in Longmeadow
562 Henry King D. Erskine Burbank 04-11-1876 Land and buildings in Springfield
563 Henry King D. Erskine Burbank 01-08-1877 Land and buildings in Springfield
564 Cyrus A. Baker D. Erskine Burbank 10-01-1879
565 H. E. Nettleton D. Erskine Burbank 04-30-1879 Land and buildings in Montague
566 Ethan C. Ely D. Erskine Burbank 02-27-1880 Land in Springfield
567 James B. Burbank D. Erskine Burbank 02-27-1880
568 Francis S. Graves D.E. Burbank 03-26-1881
569 Samuel M. Smith Burbank, Coomes 09-02-1881
570 Coomes D. Erskine Burbank 05-19-1882 Land in Springfield
571 Elias Chapin William I. Williams 06-23-1821 Land in Stafford, Connecticut
572 Hiram Pomeroy Daniel Burbank 10-14-1816 Land in Somers (quit claim) See also #204
573 Rachel Burbank Ruth Burbank 02-17-1835 land in Somers, Connecticut
575 Rachel Burbank Warren Pomeroy 05-22-1837
576 Chauncey Hall Daniel Burbank 12-07-1815 land in Ellington, Connecticut
577 Bela Allen Daniel Burbank 04-08-1820
578 David Morgan Eliakim Cooley 05-19-1696 small lots, 4 acres in Longmeadow
579 Benjamin Cooley Eliakim Cooley 01-31-1718 8 acres in Longmeadow
580 David Ferry Josiah Cooley 12-16-1805 Wolf Swamp
581 Springfield Grant Colonel Pyncheon 07-10-1700 Fragment of deed
582 Thomas Stebbins Benjamin Cooley 01-24-1673 Two parcels land in Long meadow
583 George Colton Josiah Cooley 01-24-1762 3/4 acre land in Springfield – general field called the middle lot – Longmeadow
584 Medad Stebbins Josiah Cooley 06-05-1799 Seven acres of land in Longmeadow
585 Samuel Stebbins Josiah Cooley 06-30-1812 Parcel of land known as the Wheat field in Longmeadow
586 Hezekiah Cooley Josiah Cooley and Luke Cooley 06-16-1757 Land in Saybrook, Connecticut Quit claim deed
587 Hezekiah Cooley Josiah Cooley 07-08-1762 land in Longmeadow
588 Josiah Cooley Jabez Colton 04-29-1789 3 acres of land in Longmeadow
589 Hezekiah Cooley Josiah Cooley 02-03-1749/50 Land in Longmeadow together with the buildings thereon
590 Israel Cooley Josiah Cooley 04-16-1763 Land in General Field, Longmeadow
591 Hezekiah Cooley Josiah Cooley 10-28-1761 Land in Longmeadow
592 Ebenezer Stacy Cooley 05-26-1796 Land in wilbraham 1 and 1/3 acres
593 Eliakim Cooley Josiah Cooley and Hezikiah Cooley 01-25-1749/50 4 acres of land in Longmeadow
594 Ebenezer Bliss Josiah Cooley 03-16-1752 21/2 acres in Longmeadow
595 Henry Woolcott Josiah Cooley 1746
596 Josiah Cooley Asa Damon 12-31-1801 20 acres of land in Longmeadow
597 Ebenezer Stacy Josiah Cooley 02-22-1805 Land in Wilbraham formerly Outward Commons
598 John Williams, Jr. Josiah Cooley 10-29-1790 Land in Wilbraham 23 acres
599 Timothy Nash Josiah Cooley 06-21-1746 Land in Longmeadow 17 acres
600 Jonah Cooley Josiah Cooley 08-02-1786 5 acres land in Longmeadow
601 Richard Woolworth Josiah Cooley 07-02-1753 Seven and a half acres with dwelling house
602 David Burt Josiah Cooley 09-03-1792 2 1/2 acres of land in Longmeadow
603 Zadok Colton Josiah Cooley 01-28-1802 3 acres of land
604 John Cooley Josiah Cooley 02-22-1811 5 acres land in Longmeadow
605 Experience Cooley Josiah Cooley 11-04-1790 1/3 of a lot of land in Longmeadow
606 Proprietors of the Common Land in Springfield Josiah Cooley 04-21-1742 5 and 3/4 acres of land
607 Timothy Bliss, Edward Bliss Josiah Cooley 09-24-1745 2 acres land in Longmeadow
608 Hezekiah Cooley Josiah Cooley 08-07-1758 Land in Longmeadow
609 John Williams Darius Morris 04-26-1786 Land in Wilbraham
610 Asa Chaffee Isaac Morris 04-07-1761 Land in Wales
611 William Sheldon Darius Morris 09-06-1790 Land in Wales (Wilbraham area)
612 Isaac Morris Darius Morris 01-16-1793
613 Rebecca Morris Joseph Morris 12-30-1802 2 parcels of land in Wilbraham
614 Isaac Morris Darius Morris 01-11-1793 Land in Wilbraham (Wales)
615 Lucy Morris, et. al. Joseph Morris 07-15-1807 Land in Stafford, Connecticut
616 Bezaleel Sherman Isaac Morris 06-16-1777 Land in Brimfield
617 Hannah Chaffee, Joseph Chaffee Isaac Morris 08-18-1761 Land in Brimfield
618 Oren Colton Luther Colton 10-12-1813 Land in Longmeadow 23 acres
619 Elishia Bowen, et. al. Joseph Morris 06-14-1836 Land in Wilbraham
620 Isaac Wood, Betsy Wood Joseph Morris 07-12-1835 Land in Wilbraham
621 Isaac Wood, Betsy Wood Joseph Morris 06-25-1806 Land in Stafford Connecticut
622 John Davis, Hannah Davis Joseph Morris 05-12-1818 land in Wilbraham and Monson
623 Sylvester Morris Joseph Morris 06-27-1835 Land in Wilbraham
624 Sylvester Morris Rebekkah Morris 04-22-1799 Land in Wilbraham 2 parcels
625 Irene Morris, et. al, Joseph Morris 01-03-1809 Land in Monson and Wilbrarham
626 Ephraim Morris Joseph Morris 02-10-1810 Land in Wilbraham
627 Joshua Clark, Eunice Clark Joseph Morris 11-02-1812 Land in Wilbrarham
628 Henry Battens Joseph Morris 11-11-1826 Land in Wilbraham
629 Hannah Chaffee, Joseph Chaffee Isaac Morris 08-18-1761 32 acres of land in Springfield
630 Springfield Eliakim Cooley 03-09-1702 Land grant
631 Springfield Proprietor’s grant Eliakim Cooley 12-28-1744 Land in Longmeadow
632 Benjamin West Eliakim Cooley 12-26-1695 Land in Enfield 45 acre plus
633 John Morgan Eliakim Cooley 12-03-1717 Land in Springfield
634 Samuel Cooley Eliakim Cooley 10-14-1734 Land in Springfield, 10 acres more or less
635 Daniel Cooley Eliakim Cooley 01-30-1717/18 Land in Springfield
636 Experience Cooley Josiah Cooley 10-12-1790 Quitclaim deed
637 Thomas Mirick Eliakim Cooley 05-09-1699 1/16 of a sawmill
638 Joseph Cooley Eliakim Cooley n.d.
639 Matthew Cooley Eliakim Cooley 01-10-1733/34 Land in Connecticut
640 Joseph Parsons Hezekiah Parsons 05-14-1697 Land in Longmeadow
641 Enfield Town Benjamin Cooley, George Colton 1700 Land in Enfield
642 Abel Leonard Josiah Cooley 11-13-1748 Land in Longmeadow
643 John Anderson, Mary Anderson Josiah Cooley 04-03-1760 10 acres land and house theron
644 Eliakim Cooley Josiah Cooley 01-25-1749/50 Land in Longmeadow
645 Samuel Keep Eliakim Cooley 03-24-1702 Land in Longmeadow
646 Hezekiah Parsons Eliakim Cooley 05-18-1697 Land in Longmeadow
647 Josiah Cooley Josiah Cooley, Jr. 03-11-1777 Land, 1/2 house and 1/2 barn
648 Chester Morris Joseph Morris 07-16-1816 Land in Wilbraham
649 Ebenezer Morris, et. al Joseph Morris 06-23-1818 Quitclaim
650 Isaac Morris Darius Morris 04-20-1775 Land in Wilbraham
651 Isaac Morris Darius Morris 02-11-1785
652 Samuel Williams Darius Morris, Edward Morris 12-01-1779 Land in Wilbraham
653 Richard Woolworth Josiah Cooley 04-28-1789 Land in Longmeadow
654 Luke Cooley Josiah Cooley 12-08-1743 12 acres of land in Longmeadow
655 Matthew Cooley Josiah Cooley 02-14-1771 Land in Longmeadow – 7 acres plus
656 Moses Field Josiah Cooley 03-10-1779 Land in Longmeadow
657 Richard Woolworth Josiah Cooley 07-05-1786 land in Longmeadow three acres
658 Experience Cooley Josiah Cooley 10-12-1790 Land in Woolf Swamp – 9 acres
659 Samuel Marshfield Benjamin Cooley 04-16-1673 Land in Longmeadow
660 Thomas Mirick Benjamin Cooley 09-27-1679
661 Joseph Cooley Eliakim Cooley, Daniel Cooley, Benjamin Cooley 1699 Land in Longmeadow
662 Samuel Osborne Eliakim Cooley 06-06-1701 Land in Longmeadow
663 Nathaniel Burt Ebenezer Rumrill 03-25-1785 Writ of attachment to land
664 Josiah Cooley William Colton, Asahel Colton 03-30-1815
665 John Pynchon George Colton 03-07-1678 13 parcels of meadow land
666 Agawam Indians William Pynchon 07-15-1636 Photocopy of deed for land that is now the present site of Springfield
667 Nathaniel Burt Stephen Williams 11-27-1716 Deed
668 Joseph Colton John Pyncheon 05-16-1717
669 Thomas Bliss Samuel Colton 05-02-1732 2 parcels of land one in Enfield and one in outward Commons now part of Ludlow
700 William Scott Samuel Taylor 02-27-1727 Land in Checopy
701 John Bliss Samuel Colton 03-25-1720 Land in Springfield
702 Luke Hitchcock, Jr. James Warriner 05-20-1713 Sale of land
703 Agawam John Bliss
704 Thomas Colton Isaac Colton 12-03-1720 Land in Longmeadow
705 Bela Coomes Sumner W. Gates 11-24-1875 Land in Longmeadow
706 William Sheldon Asahel Colton 04-12-1855 Land in Longmeadow
707 Springfield Savings Bank given by Daniel C. Pitkin Charles S. Gates 01-01-1880 Land in Longmeadow
708 Sumner W. Gates and wife Charles S. Gates 01-04-1902 Dower and homestead rights
709 Springfield Institute for Savings Sumner W. Gates 01-07-1902 Premises
710 Sumner W. Gates Charles S. Gates 01-07-1902 Land in Longmeadow
711 Sumner W. Gates Charles S. Gates 12-1887 Farm properties and tools on residence 1183 Longmeadow Street
712 S. W. Gates C.S. Gates 06-19-1911 Contract to divide Longmeadow house into two houses between Gates and W.J. Quinn
713 Isaac Colton Samuel C. Keep, Jr. 12-12-1749 land in Longmeaodw
714 Seth Steele Asahel colton 11-09-1805 Land in Longmeadow
715 Solomon Colton Asahel Colton 04-15-1811 30 acres land in Longmeadow and 20 acres in Springfield
716 Jonathan Dwight, Jr. Asahel Colton 12-10-1806 Land in Longmeadow
717 Gaius Bliss Asahel Colton 10-04-1816 Land in Longmeadow
718 Josiah Cooley Asahel Colton 10-04-1816 Land in Longmeadow
719 Levi Crandall Asahel Colton 03-14-1822 land in Longmeadow
720 Asahel Colton Asahel Colton, Jr. 04-30-1827 land in Longmeadow
721 William Burt Asahel Colton 03-28-1829 Land in Longmeadow
722 Heber Keep Asahel Colton 11-16-1842 Land in Longmeadow
723 William Simons Asahel Colton 06-10-1845 Land in Longmeadow
724 Asahel Colton Hartford and Springfield Railroad Corporation 12-19-1843 Land in Longmeadow
725 Samuel S. Coomes Asahel Colton 09-18-1848 Land in Longmeadow
726 Belinda Cooley Asahel Colton 06-14-1850 Land in Longmeadow
727 Robert W. McChester Newton Colton, Asahel Colton 02-06-1850 Land and buildings thereon in Longmeadow
728 Stephen T. Colton, Timothy Pease, Anna pease Asashel Colton 04-28-1866 Land in Longmeadow
729 Levi Crandall Asa Colton 03-12-1822
730 Friend M. Hamblet Longmeadow Inhabitants 06-19-1837 Several plots of land
731 Heber Keep Longmeadow Inhabitants 06-26-1837 Home farm and other land
732 Jeremiah Waterhouse Longmeadow Inhabitants 11-18-1837 Land in Longmeadow
733 Dennis Pease Longmeadow Inhabitants 10-21-1837 Land in Longmeadow
734 Willis Phelps Longmedow Inhabitants Land in Longmeadow
735 Abel Pease Selectmen of Longmeadow and overseers of the poor 04-28-1838 35 acres land and dwelling house and barn
736 Abel Pease Longmeadow Inhabitants 03-29-1839 Homestead and 70 acres
737 George Colton Second School district of Longmeadow 02-22-1839 Brick schoolhouse and land
738 Alfred Taylor Longmeadow Inhabitants 04-14-1840 land and Homestead lately owned by Seth Taylor
739 Erastus North Town of Longmeadow 11-23-1843 Land in East Longmeadow
740 George M. Callender Longmeadow Inhabitants 10-23-1843 Land
741 David Hunn Longmeadow Inhabitants 01-15-1846 40 acres and buildings thereon and is Homestead where Harvey Chapman now lives
742 Simeon Newell Longmeadow Inhabitants 12-29-1846 Homestead and buildings and land
743 Nathaniel B. Newell Town of Longmeadow 07-01-1853 Land in Longmeadow
744 Daniel Colton Town of Longmeadow 05-04-1848 Land
745 Samuel Bodurtha Samuel Taylor 03-10-1732/33 Land
746 Roderick Burt Walter Coomes, Jr. 03-22-1832 Agreement to lease “that tract of land in the meadow called new pasture together with another lot” Burt had purchased this land from Captain Gideon Colton.
747 Madeline E. Kneeland James W. MacAllen and Patricia A. MacAllen 09-27-1977 Warranty deed for 3 Oxford Road, Longmeadow


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