Longmeadow Historical Society

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Cased image collection, 1840s - 1880s

2 Paige boxes (2 linear feet)

Scope and Content Note
The Longmeadow cased image collection contains daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes of members of several Longmeadow families. Prominent in the collection are the daguerreotypes of William Sheldon, Jr. (1788-1871), including several full-length portraits. Sheldon was known as something of an eccentric, was the author of several books including The Millennium: the Good Time Coming. With a History of Experiments on the Odic Force and Aerial Navigation and the Patent Laws, and lived at Storrs House for a time. One image in particular appears to show Sheldon holding a ring by which he was able to detect the presence of the so-called “Odic force.” The collection also includes portraits of Flavia and Julia Bliss, Sarah Williams Storrs and her brother, Professor. Richard Salter Storrs, and Eleazer Williams. Several portraits were produced by the studio of Otis Hubbard Cooley of Springfield.
Box and Folder Listing

Sitter Notes Box:Tray
Sheldon, William, Jr. (1788-1871) 10 daguerreotypes and ambrotypes. One ambrotype stamped Spooner Bros. Cuttings Patent, July 11, 1854 1:1
Bliss, ? 1 daguerreotype 1:2
Bliss, Deacon Ebenezer (1795-1868) & Marilla Moore Bliss (wife) 1 daguerreotype 1:2
Bliss, Flavia and Julia 1 daguerreotype 1:2
Coble, Jonathan & Coble, Sarah Booth (m.1834) 1 daguerreotype. Stamped J.D. Wells, Northampton. 1:2
Coble, Sarah Booth (m.1834) 1 daguerreotype 1:2
Colton, Asa, 2nd. 1 silhouette 1:2
Colton, Jeduthan (b. 1791) 1 daguerreotype. Brother of Hannah Colton Goldthwaite and Sophronia (or Sophrone) Colton Pierce 1:2
Garner, Lorenzo 1 ambrotype 1:2
Garner, Mrs. Lorenzo (Sophrona?) 1 daguerreotype 1:2
Goldthwaite, Kate 1 tintype 1:2
Goldthwaite, Susan Joy 1 ambrotype 1:2
Goldthwaite, William 1 ambrotype. Moore Bro.’s, Springfield Mass. 1:2
Pierce, Sophrone Colton (b. 1786) (Mrs Calvin Pierce) 1 ambrotype 1:2
Storrs, Eleazer 1 daguerreotype 1:2
View of the Connecticut River 1 photographic print (round) 1:2
Storrs, Mrs. E. W. 1 daguerreotype. Stamped Cooley, Springfield. 1:3
Storrs, Eunice Conant (b. 1801 – 1884) 1 daguerreotype 1:3
Storrs, Prof. Richard Salter (1830-1884) 1 daguerreotype 1:3
Storrs, Sarah Williams (1832-1907) 1 daguerreotype. Note says; “Hand making letter A” 1:3
Storrs, Sarah Williams (1832-1907) 1 daguerreotype 1:3
Storrs, Sarah Williams (1832-1907) 1 daguerreotype 1:3
Storrs, Sarah Williams (1832-1907) 1 daguerreotype (oval portrait) 1:3
Storrs, Sarah Williams (1832-1907) 1 ambrotype or tintype (seated portrait) 1:3
Williams, Eleazer 1 ambrotype 1:3
Williams, Eleazer 1 ambrotype. Note says: “This has to be Eleazer Williams – Lost Dauphin!” Stamped Cooley, Springfield. 1:3
Williams, Rev. Stephen (1693-1782) 1 ambrotype 1:3
Unidentified 15 items 2:1
Unidentified 10 items. One item appears to be a mourning portrait. One item stamped Cooley, Springfield 2:2
Unidentified 13 items. One ambrotype does not have a case and is currently in a clear Mylar sleeve 2:3


  • Sheldon, William, Jr. (1788-1871)
  • Storrs Family--Pictorial works
Types of material
  • Ambrotypes
  • Daguerreotypes
  • Photographs
  • Tintypes

Copybook and miscellaneous manuscript collection, 1697-1840

3 boxes and 1 boxed volume (1.3 linear feet)

Scope and Content Note
This collection of copybooks includes examples of penmanship, math exercises, notes on science, history, geography, and French. One anonymous volume appears to be a short novel. The collection also contains miscellaneous manuscript material, including indentures, bills, poems, recipes, and fragments. Other items of note are bills of lading for sugar, rum, lime juice, and English goods signed by Captain Azor Gale of the Brigantine Mary of Boston, dated 1697 and an unknown seaman’s journal recording a trip from Boston to Calcutta in 1852 -1853. Longmeadow residents with material in the collection include Ebenezer Bliss, Julia M. Bliss, Samuel C. Booth, Ethan Ely, Martha Fitch, Patty Fitch and Richard Salter Storrs. The authorship for a number of the manuscript items is not known.
Box and Folder Listing

Creator Description Date range Box:Folder
Bliss, Chloe Friendship album 1827-1836 1:1

Bliss, Ebenezer Penmanship and math notes (2 vols.) undated 1:2

Bliss, Julia M. History notes undated 1:3
Bliss, Julia M. Science notes undated 1:4

Booth, David French notes 1818 1:5
Booth, Joseph Math notes 1817 1:6

Booth, Lucy Penmanship book 1807 1:7
Booth, Samuel C. Penmanship books (4 vols.) 1820-1825 1:8
Booth, Samuel C. Penmanship books (2 vols.) and math notes 1823-1826 1:9
Coomes, Julia Sexton Writing book 1825 2:1
Ely, Ethan Math notes and teachers notebook 1806, undated 2:2
Fitch, Martha (d. 1831) Copybooks 1810-1830 2:3
Fitch, Pabody (d. 1806) Copybook 1791-1792 2:4
Fitch, Patty (b. 1799) Copybooks and diaries 1814-1816 and undated 2:5
Goldthwaite, Martha Sketchbook 1883-1890 2:6
Storrs, Jonathan Textbook of Ministers Preaching 1819-1850 2:7
Richard Salter Storrs Geography notes 1782 2:8
Unknown Commonplace book undated 2:9
Unknown Geographical Extracts undated 2:10
Unknown Politics and Government undated 2:11
Unknown Literary 1820-1826 2:12
Unknown Commonplace book with index 1782-1783 3:1
Unknown History copybook. Not located, 2018 Late 19th century 3:2
Unknown School mathematics copybook undated, before 1850 3:3
Unknown Penmanship book. “The Juvenile Penman..” 1814 3:4
Unknown Volume containing what appears to be a short story or novella. undated 3:5
Unknown Copybook including sections on English history and ancient history After 1871 3:6
Unknown Composition, “On the abilities of the sexes” 1808 3:7
Unknown Composition, “On the benefits of combination” undated 3:8
Unknown Poetry and biblical fragments undated 3:9
Unknown Volume of several handwritten hymns undated 3:10
Unknown Accounting of expenses, 2 items 1718-1721 3:11
Unknown A schedule of the exercises of exhibition undated 3:12
Azor Gale Bills of lading 1697 3:13
Various Bills 1789, 1815 3:14
Various Dry goods bill. 1820 3:15
Various Indentures 1737-1799 3:16
Various Indentures 1801-1818 3:17
Unknown Lamentation of General Burgoyne, handwritten copy and newspaper clipping undated 3:18
Unknown Attachments and payment orders 1815-1840 3:19
Unknown Recipes and remedies undated 3:20
Unknown Notes and extracts on legal matters circa 1800 3:21
Unknown Unsigned letter 1836 3:22
Unknown Miscellaneous manuscripts undated 3:23
Unknown Fragments undated 3:24
Unknown Journal noting sermons heard 1815-1816 3:25
Unknown Account of who preached on a series of Sundays. 1791-1792 3:26
Unknown Fragment undated 3:27
Unknown Probate Inventory undated 3:28
Unknown Sermon written on announcement for Williams College commencement, 1818 undated 3:29
Unknown Home remedy recipes undated 3:30
Unknown Extract from an oration delivered to the Baccalaureates at Union College by Eliphalet Nott, 1806 undated 3:31
Unknown 2 papers, one on female education and one on religion undated 3:32
Unknown Questions and answers undated 3:33
Unknown Notes on sermons heard undated 3:34
Unknown Poetry 1815 and 1829 3:35
Unknown Brief history of Longmeadow undated 3:36
Unknown Letter concerning a will undated 3:37
Unknown Seaman’s journal (formerly BV 48) 1852-1853 Boxed volume


Types of material
  • Commonplace books
  • School notebooks

Longmeadow churches collection, 1758-2000

6 boxes (2.5 linear feet)

First Church

Background Note
The churches collection documents Longmeadow’s various religious institutions. The bulk of the material is related to the First Church of Christ. Other denominations, including Catholics, Episcopalians, and Jews, are less well represented.

The First Church of Christ, Longmeadow was established in 1713. The first meeting house was built in 1716. In 1767 and 1768 a second meeting house was built to replace the first, and was located on the Green just north of the initial meeting house. A new bell for the church was purchased in 1809 from Paul Revere in Boston. The church was extensively remodeled in 1828 and 1874 when it was moved to its present location at the corner of Longmeadow and Williams streets. The church was a gothic style building from 1874 until 1932 when it was remodeled to its current colonial style.

Reverend Stephen Williams was the first minister, beginning in 1716 and continuing until 1782. Subsequent ministers include: Richard Salter Storrs, 1785-1819; Baxter Dickenson, 1823-1829; Jonathan Bailey Condit, 1831-1865; Hubbard Beebe, 1837-1843; Samuel Wolcott, 1843-1847; John Wheeler Harding, 1850-1891; Stephen Goodyear Barnes, 1892-1901; and Henry Lincoln Bailey, 1901-1916.

Scope and Content Note
Materials related to First Church of Christ include: general histories; weekly bulletins, newsletters, and yearbooks; annual reports and budgets; miscellaneous materials related to a number of Church committees including the Men’s Prayer Group, Music Committee, Sewing Society, Evening Fellowship, and Women’s Committee; menus, reports, and newspaper clippings for the annual May Breakfast. Of particular interest is a volume beginning in 1716 of church records which note church admissions, dismissals, baptisms, deaths, marriages, church meetings and other church related information.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church materials include photos and Seed Sown on Good Ground: a History of St. Mary’s Parish, written in 1977. Material related to St. Andrews Episcopal Church includes newspaper clippings, photos, and an illustration. The collection also contains several photos of Beth Israel Synagogue and Congregation B’nai Jacob and a copy of Declaration of Faith and Covenant of the Baptist Church, Longmeadow, from 1842.
Box and Folder Listing

Folder/Item label Description/Date range Box:Folder
First Church – History Annual Reports, budgets, lists of officers and members, 1900-1966 1:1
First Church – History Index of first 918 members of church, 1716-1838. Compiled by Thomas Cordis, ca. 1892 1:2
First Church – History Memories of the Longmeadow First Church Chapel, prepared by Mrs. George Goodman (Mary E. Watrous) and James D. Booth, 1967 1:3
First Church – History – Building Dedication Program, 1875 1:4
First Church – History – Chapel Written history and photograph, undated 1:5
First Church – History – Financial records 1822-1875 1:6
First Church – History – General 1837-1996 1:7
First Church – History – General 1872-1951, undated 1:8
First Church – History – Meeting House Miscellaneous materials, 1714-1932, undated 1:9
First Church – History – Ministry Lot Written histories, 1966 and undated 1:10
First Church – History – Music Includes a 1774 bill for a bass viol “to assist the public in singing,” and reflections by C. S. Newell on music played at First Church circa 1840 1:11
First Church – History – Organ dedication Printed Order of Worship, 1929 1:12
First Church – History – Parish Houses and Parsonages Written histories, undated, Dedication invitation, 1949 and a stereograph, undated 1:13
First Church – History – Pastoral Letters and printed sermons 1960-1961, 1974 1:14
First Church – History – Pew assignments 1759-1881 1:15
First Church – History – Revere Bell Receipts and newspaper clippings, 1810, 1816, 1932, 1966 and undated 1:16
First Church – History – Sunday School and Vacation Bible School Printed card, 1819 and Vacation Bible School class photograph, undated 1:17
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Brotherhood Meeting notices, membership lists, and programs, 1912-1921, undated 2:1
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Building Committee Meeting notice and brochures, 1932-1947, undated 2:2
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Christian Commission List of items sent to the Christian Commission 1864 2:3
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Evening Fellowship Club Lists of meetings and members, 1975-1978 2:4
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Female Missionary Association Book of records, 1803-1825 2:5
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Married Couples Club Program, 1965-1966 2:6
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Men’s Prayer Group Charter, 1766 2:7
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Missionary Committee and Society 1832 -1975 2:8
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Missionary Committee and Society “Missionary Flag”. Includes names, when born or arrived in Longmeadow and missionary or educational service. Oversize folder 1
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Sewing Society Report extract, 1902 2:9
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Sunday School Committee 1839-1966 2:10
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Benevolent Society 1840-1969 2:11
First Church – Committees, societies and associations – Women’s Fellowship Yearbooks, 1971-1977 2:12
First Church – May Breakfast Association Secretary’s Report, 1869-1882 3:1
First Church – May Breakfast Association By-laws, 1957 and articles related to various Breakfasts, 1900-1944 3:2
First Church – May Breakfast Association 1893-1941 3:3
First Church – May Breakfast Association Menus, 1874-1891 3:4
First Church – May Breakfast Association Menus, 1892-1901 3:5
First Church – May Breakfast Association Menus, 1902-1808 3:6
First Church – May Breakfast Association Menus, 1909-1915 3:7
First Church – May Breakfast Association Menus, 1916-1939 3:8
First Church – May Breakfast Association Menus, 1940-1976 3:9
First Church – May Breakfast Association Harvest Supper menus, 1919-1952 and newspaper clippings, 1917 and 1949 3:10
First Church – May Breakfast Association Photographs and clippings, 1878, 1902-1988 3:11
First Church – Pastors – General Miscellaneous materials relating to past pastors 4:1
First Church – Pastors – Rev. Daniel B. Leavitt 4:2
First Church – Pastors – Rev. Thomas A. Roan 4:3
First Church – Anniversaries – 200th Dedication and newspaper clippings, 1916 4:4
First Church – Anniversaries – 225th Anniversary programs, 1941 4:5
First Church – Anniversaries – 250th Committee minutes, notices, and 1965-1967 4:6
First Church – Anniversaries – 250th Anniversary booklet, 1966 4:7
First Church – Anniversaries – 250th Newspaper clippings, 1965-1966 4:8
First Church – Anniversaries – 275th 1991 4:9
First Church – Anniversaries Newspaper clippings, 1941-1966 4:10
First Church – Publications Weekly bulletins, 1910-1920 5:1
First Church – Publications Weekly bulletins. 1921-1973, 1987 5:2
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1924-1971 5:3
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1975-1990 5:4
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1991 5:5
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1992 5:6
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1993 5:7
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1994 5:8
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1995 5:9
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1996 5:10
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1997 6:1
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1998 6:2
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 1999 6:3
First Church – Publications Newsletters, 2000 6:4
First Church – Publications Yearbook and directory, 1977-1981, 1990 and 1993 6:5
First Church – Miscellaneous Newspaper clippings, 1910-1972, and undated 6:6
First Church – Miscellaneous Photos and images, 1874, and undated 6:7
First Church – Miscellaneous Photograph of Church on the Green, undated Oversized photographs box 1
First Church – Miscellaneous Program for a play, “The Ladies of Crawford,” by Margaret Taylor, 1912 6:8
First Church – Miscellaneous – Architecture Floor plans and layouts, undated 6:9
First Church – Miscellaneous – Architecture Elevations, longitudinal section and ceiling plan, by Alexander Rice Esty, undated Oversize folder 1
Churches – Baptist Church “Declaration of Faith and Covenant of the Baptist Church, Longmeadow, Mass,” 1842 6:10
Churches – Jewish Synagogues Photographs, 1980’s 6:11
Churches – St. Andrews Episcopal Newspaper clipping, 1994 calendar image, 1980 and photographs, undated and 1980’s 6:12
Churches – St. Mary’s Parish “Seed Sown of Good Ground: A History of St. Mary’s Parish Longmeadow, MA.,” 1977 (2 copies), typed history, undated and photographs, undated 6:13


  • Church buildings--Massachusetts--Longmeadow
  • Church committees
  • Clergy
  • Beth Israel Synagogue (Longmeadow, Mass.)
  • First Church in Longmeadow (Longmeadow, Mass.)
  • Saint Mary's Parish (Longmeadow, Mass.)
  • St. Andrews Episcopal Church (Longmeadow, Mass.)
Types of material
  • Clippings
  • Photographs

Longmeadow clubs and associations collection, 1823-1997

8 boxes (4.2 linear feet)

Background Note
From temperance societies to tennis clubs, Longmeadow has a rich history of community service and involvement. This collection documents the various clubs, associations, and organizations of Longmeadow and includes items from the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, the American Legion Auxiliary, the Doane Orphanage, the Longmeadow Country Club, the Longmeadow Improvement Corporation, the Longmeadow Maternal Association, the Longmeadow Temperance Society, the Longmeadow Street Improvement Association, and the Longmeadow Women’s Club.

Much of the collection provides only a snapshot or glimpse of the various activities of these clubs and associations. The Longmeadow Women’s Club, however, has a more complete set of records. Organized in 1893 to “promote improvement in moral, social, and intellectual life,” early endeavors included leading Longmeadow’s effort in aid of the Spanish-American War, providing flowers to the ill, and food baskets to those in need. In 1935 the club began a scholarship fund to assist promising Longmeadow students. Other efforts included working with patients at the Northampton Veterans Hospital and entertaining convalescent children. The club also invited guest speakers, who addressed a variety of topics including literature and the arts, antiques, politics, and ecology. The club disbanded in 1997.

Scope and Content Note
The Longmeadow Women’s Club records include Secretary reports, minutes of Regular and Annual meetings and a nearly complete run of Yearbooks, which include lists of officers, committees, programs, brief biographies of program contributors, and lists of active members.

Other items in the collection include minutes from the Longmeadow Street Improvement Association, 1876-1938, which discuss mowing, sidewalk construction, the Elm tree beetle, and other issues pertaining to maintenance and upkeep. Minutes and a scrapbook from the American Legion Auxiliary provide information on various activities including election of officers, the annual “weenie” roast, poppy sales, suppers, and other activities in support of veterans and their families.
Box and Folder Listing

Folder/Item label Description/Date range Box:Folder
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Receipt, 1823, list of missionaries, undated 1:1
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Missionary Society dues book, 1905-1910 1:2
American Legion 1920-22, undated 1:3
American Legion Auxiliary Minutes, 1920-1943 1
American Legion Auxiliary Scrapbook, 1943-1977 1
American Tract Society of Longmeadow Constitution and members list, undated 1:4
Boys Scouts of America Newspaper clippings, 1953 and undated; photographs, 1933 1:5
Committee on Public Safety Flyers, 1917 and undated 1:6
British War Relief Society, Inc. Longmeadow Branch Program, 1941 1:7
Doane Orphanage Newspaper clippings, 1915-1994; typed histories, 1984 and undated; correspondence, 1984 and 1994 2:1
Doane Orphanage Hand painted sign, undated Oversize folder 1
Freemasons. Longmeadow Lodge Programs, 1965-1967 2:2
Girl Scouts of the United States of America Newspaper clipping, 1983 and Troop certificate, 1954 2:3
Homemakers Forum Miscellaneous papers including membership and program lists, 1947-1984 2:4
League of Women Voters of the Springfield Area Longmeadow handbook, 1976 2:5
Longmeadow Conservation Commission Newspaper clippings, 1969 and Longmeadow Natural Resource Development Potential Map, circa 1960 2:6
Longmeadow Country Club Newsletters, 1995-1997, printed history, 1972, and miscellaneous papers,1966-1997, undated 2:7
Longmeadow Gardeners Brochure, 1989 and newspaper clippings, 1968 and undated 2:8
Longmeadow Gentlemen’s Association List of officers and accounts, 1827-1830 2:9
Longmeadow Historic District Commission “A Plan for Historic Preservation”, 1988 and brochure, undated 2:10
Longmeadow Improvement Corporation Papers, 1921-1927 2:11
Longmeadow Maternal Association Yearbook, 1935 newspaper clippings, 1935-1990’s, photocopy of Constitution, undated, and Bicentennial Quilt booklet, 1976 2:12
Longmeadow Men’s Club Longmeadow Country Fair program, 1945 2:13
Longmeadow Men’s Club Minstrel show photograph, 1933 Oversize photographs box 1
Longmeadow Minutemen Company 2:14
Longmeadow Players Typed history, 1983 2:15
Longmeadow Street Improvement Association Treasurer’s book, 1877-1938 2:16
Longmeadow Street Improvement Association Minutes, 1876-1938 2:17
Longmeadow Temperance Society Minutes, 1828-1841 2:18
Longmeadow Tennis Club By-laws. 1915 and rules, undated 2:19
Longmeadow Tennis Club Photographs, 1914, 1916, and undated 2:20
Longmeadow Women’s Club President’s papers, 1989-1990 3:1
Longmeadow Women’s Club President’s papers, 1990-1991 3:2
Longmeadow Women’s Club Description of duties of Vice-President 3:3
Longmeadow Women’s Club Scholarship Bridge Tea, 1987-1989 3:4
Longmeadow Women’s Club Scholarship Bridge Tea, 1987-1989 3:5
Longmeadow Women’s Club Scholarship Bridge Tea, 1990 3:6
Longmeadow Women’s Club Scholarship Bridge Tea, 1991 3:7
Longmeadow Women’s Club Scholarship description, undated 3:8
Longmeadow Women’s Club Miscellaneous, 1922-1990 3:9
Longmeadow Women’s Club Miscellaneous, 1913-1993 3:10
Longmeadow Women’s Club Miscellaneous, 1893-1997 3:11
Longmeadow Women’s Club Miscellaneous, 1893-1995 3:12
Longmeadow Women’s Club Constitution and by-laws, 1929-1957, 1986; Minutes of regular and annual meetings, 1964-1977, 1977 -1993, 1993-1997; Secretary’s report, 4 vols., 1900-1945; Reports of Executive Board, 1963-1973, 1974-1989; Board meeting reports, 1930-1947; Treasurer’s statement, 1900-1920; Scholarship account, 1934-1979; Notes for addresses to various meetings, 1966-1990; printing plate; gavel. 4
Longmeadow Women’s Club Yearbooks, 1899-1945 5
Longmeadow Women’s Club Yearbooks, 1945-1996 6
Longmeadow Women’s Club Scrapbooks, 1968-1976, 1976-1993 and photo album, 1972-1973 7
Massachusetts Volunteer Aid Association Papers, 1888-1899, 1936, and undated 8:1
North End Improvement Association Papers, 1915-1917 and undated 8:2
Richard Salter Storrs Library Papers 8:3
Richard Salter Storrs Library Newspaper clippings 8:4
Richard Salter Storrs Library Photographs 8:5
17th Century Association 8:6
T.T.T. Club Photograph 8:7
Washington Benevolent Society Ribbons, undated and newspaper clipping, 1907 8:8
Washington Temperance Society Minutes, 1842-1845 8:9


  • Associations, institutions, etc.--Massachusetts
  • Charities
  • Societies--History, organization, etc.
  • Women--Societies and clubs
Types of material
  • Minutes (Records)
  • Photographs