Longmeadow Historical Society

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Longmeadow Historical Society institutional records, 1899-2015

14 boxes (5.8 linear feet)

Background Note
The first organizational meeting of the Longmeadow Historical Society was held June 3, 1899. Supper was prepared by the Ladies Sewing Society, and afterwards they gathered with interested friends around an old oak “study table” that had belonged to the first minister of First Church, Reverend Stephen Williams. A display of town artifacts inspired interest as a proposed constitution and bylaws were presented. In November of that year the Society had secured papers of incorporation and had elected its first officers. The stated purpose of the society was to encourage an interest in the history of the town by providing lectures, and collecting papers, furniture, and articles illustrating town life in past times. Dues were 50 cents per year.

The first exhibition sponsored by the Society took place in October of 1899. Besides special Longmeadow artifacts, it included a reproduction of an old kitchen with fireplace and spinning wheel. At its first annual meeting on October 31st, three ladies presented papers on historical subjects: Mrs. McQueen spoke on “Longmeadow of the Past;” Mrs. S.E. Meacham on “Old Home Life in New England;” and Mrs. C.S. Gates on “Legendry, Lore, and Superstition.” Members voted at that meeting to lend the society’s support to Memorial Day observances. In 1907 Miss Sarah Storrs, a descendent of Longmeadow’s second minister, the Rev. Richard Salter Storrs, died and left all her real estate and some money to be used to establish a library. The real estate included the historic Storrs homestead, which was built in about 1786.

In 1932 when the Storrs Library Association decided to build a new library, it offered the use of Storrs House to the Historical Society on the condition that the society restore, repair, and maintain it. The house was moved twelve feet to the south and about thirty feet back to make room for the library. In the process it was provided with a new foundation but lost its front porch, a glassed porch on the south side and two additions.

Since that time the Society has continued to encourage an interest in Longmeadow’s past through a variety of programs, events, and exhibits. Long Meddowe Days, a community fair focusing on history first held in 1979, is the primary fundraising event for the Society. Rooms and exhibits at Storrs House draw from the Society’s holdings to shed light on various periods of Longmeadow’s past. The Society also gives tours of the house, sponsors talks, and hosts “Ghosts in the Graveyard,” an evening tour of Longmeadow’s old burying ground at First Church, which includes dramatizations of former citizens. In addition to assisting those with inquiries about people or events associated with Longmeadow’s history, the Society also provides additional resources through its website with links to digitized materials including the Reverend Stephen Williams diaries; Town Reports; past copies of the “Town Crier,” the Society’s newsletter; Paesiello Emerson photographs; and genealogies.

Scope and Content Note
The Longmeadow Historical Society’s institutional archives document the Society’s efforts in preservation and outreach. Materials include minutes, guest books, Treasurer’s reports and records, papers relating to several past Presidents of the Society, Historian’s Reports, publications, and photographs. Papers related to Long Meddowe Days include: programs, committee lists, minutes, bills and expense information, and newspaper clippings. Of particular interest are the yearly Historian’s Reports (1908-1959), which include not only information on past Longmeadow families and homes, but also touch upon significant events of the preceding year. These include recent deaths, the 1938 hurricane, World War II, local real estate developments and public works. The Society’s newsletters and publications provide insight into the various programs and outreach undertaken by the Society.
Box and Folder Listing

Folder/Item label Date range Box:Folder
Minutes 1899-1961 1
Minutes 1961-1981 1
Minutes, Board of Directors 1908-1937 1
Minutes 1981-1989 2
Minutes 1990-1996 2
Minutes 1995-1999 2:1
Origins of the L.H.S, papers and notes undated 3:1
Historian’s Reports 1908-1959 3:2
Historian’s notes and papers undated 3:3
Newspaper clippings 1930-2013 3:4
Newspaper clippings and advertising circa 1931-1989 3:5
Membership: dues paid 1899-1908 3:6
Membership lists 1964, 1967, 1969, 1979 3:7
Membership cards circa 1965-1978 3:8
Professional Associations: Bay State Historical League correspondence, bulletins, and miscellaneous papers 1959-1985 3:9
Professional Associations: Western Massachusetts Historical Society Buletins 1955 3:10
Invoice from Conway, dealer in pianos and organs 1903 4:1
Receipts and payments 1936-1958 4
Checkbook 1942-1954 4
Treasurer’s book 1958-1964 4
Financial statements 1978-1988 4:2
Treasurer’s reports 1995-1998 4:3
Presidents: Robert McTaggart and George Heckman 1967-1979 5:1
Presidents: Timothy Paige 1979-1980 5:2
Presidents: June Guild 1981-1982 5:3
Presidents: Charles Wilkinson 1983-1984 5:4-5
Presidents: Brewster Sturtevant 1985-1987 5:6
Storrs House:Storrs Library Property (photocopies) 1931-1986 6:1
Storrs House: unpublished histories undated 6:2
Storrs House: Colonial Homes magazine 1992 6:3
Storrs House: Homestead View Company set of mounted photographs of house, grounds and views circa 1890s 6:4
Storrs House: photographs of exterior undated 6:5-6
Storrs House: interior photographs 1986, undated 6:7
Storrs House: photographs of exhibits and tours 1983,1985 6:8
Storrs House: photographs of Christmas decorations 1995 6:9
Storrs House: photograph of Longmeadow Historical Society members enacting a 1783 dinner party, including two in black face. 1908 6:10
Storrs House: restorations and repairs 1990-1991 6:11
Storrs House: drawings for proposed additions 1968-1969 Oversized folder 3
Guest book 1921-1948 7
Guest book 1949-1957 7
Guest book 1958-1961 7
Guest book 1967-1973 7
Guest book 1973-1988 7
Board sign-in book 1974-1990 7
Board sign-in book 1991-2005 7
Board sign-in book 2005-2015 7
Ledger of items borrowed and returned 1988-2013 7
Publications: The Town Crier 1912 8:1
Publications: The Town Crier manuscripts and related materials 1912 8:2
Publications: The Town Crier typescript copy 1912 8:3
Publications: Meadow Crier 1975 8:4
Publications: The Long Meddowe Recorder 1981-1985 8:5
Publications: newsletter 1999-2001 8:6
Publications: The Town Crier 2002-2007 8:7
Publications: The Town Crier 2008-2015 8:8
Publications: brochures 1908-1994, undated 8:9
Publications: booklets 1988-1994, undated 8:10
Publications: Reflections of Longmeadow photographs used in book circa 1983, undated 9:1
Publications: Reflections of Longmeadow documents and correspondence 1983-1998 9:2
Publications: Reflections of Longmeadow drafts circa 1983 9:3
Publications: Reflections of Longmeadow drafts circa 1983 9:4
Publications: Reflections of Longmeadow drafts circa 1983 9:5
Publications: Reflections of Longmeadow, second printing 1998 9
Long Meddowe Days 1979-1980 10
Long Meddowe Days 1979-1980 10
Long Meddowe Days 1981 10
Long Meddowe Days: photographs 1981 10
Long Meddowe Days: photographs undated 10:1
Long Meddowe Days 1983 11:1-4
Long Meddowe Days 1984 11:5
Long Meddowe Days 1984 12:1
Long Meddowe Days 1985 12:2
Long Meddowe Days 1986 12:3
Long Meddowe Days 1987 12:4
Long Meddowe Days 1987-1993 12:5
Long Meddowe Days 1988 13:1
Long Meddowe Days 1989 13:2
Long Meddowe Days 1990 13:3
Long Meddowe Days 1990 13
Long Meddowe Days 1991 13:4
Long Meddowe Days 1992 14:1
Long Meddowe Days 1993 14:2
Long Meddowe Days 1994 14:3
Long Meddowe Days 1995 14:4
Long Meddowe Days 1996 14:5
Long Meddowe Days 1997 14:6
Long Meddowe Days 1998 14:7
Long Meddowe Days: papers collected by treasurer Philip N. Clark 1989-1998 14:8-9
Long Meddowe Days 1999 14:10
Long Meddowe Days 2000 14:11
Long Meddowe Days 2003 14:12
Long Meddowe Days: poster 2003 Oversized folder 3
Long Meddowe Days 2013 14:13


  • Celebrations--Massachusetts--Longmeadow
  • History--Societies, etc.
  • Longmeadow (Mass.)--Centennial celebrations, etc.
  • Longmeadow (Mass.)--History
Types of material
  • Minutes (Records)
  • Newsletters
  • Photographs

Scrapbook collection, 1779-1985

46 volumes (19 linear feet)

Scope and Content Note
The Longmeadow Historical Society scrapbook collection contains scrapbooks compiled by various Longmeadow individuals, including Lucy J. Smith, Annie Emerson, and Carrie A. Brewer. The majority of the scrapbooks consist of newspaper clippings, though some include manuscript material, photographs, trade cards, greeting cards, or other ephemera. Newspaper clippings cover a wide range of topics including obituaries, biographies of local citizens, weddings, area history, and other items of local interest.

Scrapbooks of particular interest include: a scrapbook of photographs and clippings documenting the 1938 New England hurricane (#16); several volumes with Paesiello Emerson’s photographs of Longmeadow homes and properties that also illustrate early infrastructure, agricultural activity including haying, as well as other localities (#35 and #37a); scrapbooks related to Longmeadow celebrations including the nation’s Bicentennial (#38 & #42) and the Longmeadow Sesquicentennial (#14); scrapbooks with valentines, Christmas cards, greeting cards, and trade cards from the 1880s (#29 and #37b); Lucy J. Smith’s scrapbooks covering Longmeadow and Springfield from the 1920s; and a scrapbook containing primary source materials including deeds, bills and receipts, passports, and other manuscripts dating from the 18th and 19th centuries related to the Lawton family (#40).

One copy of Annie Emerson’s scrapbook entitled “Longmeadow Historical Society. Memories, Past & Present” (formerly identified as #9a) is located at the Storrs Library.
Box and Folder Listing

Description Date range Volume number
Lucy J. Smith scrapbook of miscellaneous newspaper clippings of local, regional and national interest. ca. 1920s 1
Lucy J. Smith scrapbook of miscellaneous newspaper clippings of local, regional and national interest. 1932-1933 2
Lucy J. Smith scrapbook of clippings of “Forgotten Facts about Springfield” ca. 1920s 3
Lucy J. Smith scrapbook of clippings of “Forgotten Facts about Springfield” ca. 1920s 4
Lucy J. Smith scrapbook of clippings of “Forgotten Facts about Springfield” 1933-1934 5
Lucy J. Smith scrapbook of clippings related to Charles Dickens “Life of Our Lord” and Connecticut Valley churches 1934-1938 6
Lucy J. Smith scrapbook of clippings, and photographs related to Longmeadow history and residents. Includes several manuscript letters. ca. 1900-1960 7
Scrapbook of clippings including poetry and articles related to religion Late 19th C -early 20th C 8
Annie Emerson scrapbook entitled “Longmeadow Historical Society. Memories, Past & Present” 1942 9b
Julia M. Bliss, Mrs. D.T. Smith and Mrs. W.C. Hart scrapbook of articles, notes, and photos centering on Longmeadow. Not located, 2018 undated 10
Julia M. Bliss, Mrs. D.T. Smith and Mrs. W.C. Hart volume entitled “Articles and Notes”. Includes articles on several prominent Longmeadow homes and families. Also contains information on May Breakfasts and notes from 1943 related to Longmeadow and the war effort. Copy of #10 without photos. Mid 20th C 10a
Charles R. Bliss scrapbook of articles related to church and missions in Wakefield, MA 1869-1873 11
Charles R. Bliss scrapbook of articles related to church matters 1876-1878 12
Carrie A. Brewer (Mrs. George E. Brewer) scrapbook of clippings of poems and articles related to Longmeadow 1871-1884 13
Helen C. Giles scrapbook related to the Longmeadow Sesquicentennial 1933 14
Scrapbook of clippings related to the Longmeadow area 1883-1898 15
Scrapbook of clippings and photographs related to the 1938 hurricane 1938 16
W. B. Medlicott scrapbooks of clippings related to the division of Longmeadow 1891-1894 17a, b, and c
Scrapbook of clippings entitled “News of Men & Women in Service From Longmeadow” Circa 1940s 18
Scrapbook of clippings, programs and other material related to Longmeadow and the Longmeadow Historical Society 1961-1969 19
Scrapbook of clippings related to airplanes 1946-1948 20
Scrapbook of clippings related to Longmeadow news and events 1940 21
Scrapbook of ephemera and clippings 1837-1916 22
Scrapbook of clippings related to Springfield and Longmeadow 1928-1941 23
Scrapbook of clippings including poems, obituaries, and other articles some relating to Longmeadow 1885-1902 24
J. M. Bliss (G.M. Bliss?) Scrapbook of clippings, many relating to the Nation’s Centennial 1800-1889 25
Annie Emerson scrapbook of clippings related to Longmeadow residents 1857-1897 26
Carrie A. Brewer (Mrs. George E. Brewer) scrapbook related to Longmeadow residents and history. Not located, 2018 1896-1907 27
Carrie A. Brewer (Mrs. George E. Brewer) scrapbook of clippings related to Longmeadow residents. 1917-1919 28
Scrapbook of Christmas and other greeting cards including valentines. Late 19th century 29
Album of advertising and trade cards Late 19th century 30
Lucy J. Smith scrapbook of clippings related to Longmeadow news and events January -July, 1934 31
Lucy J. Smith scrapbook of clippings related to Longmeadow news and events August -December, 1934 32
Scrapbook of clippings related to Longmeadow news and residents. Possibly compiled by Miss Mary A. Booth 1899-1922 33
Mrs. George E. Brewer scrapbook of clippings related to Longmeadow history, news and residents, many possibly written by Mrs. Brewer. 1893-1926 34
Album of Paesiello Emerson photographs of Longmeadow homes and properties. Images are accompanied by plate #, street address, name of family, and date photograph was taken. Album also includes photographs from Hadley, Springfield, Ware, Marblehead, and the Boston area. Note that several of the photographs do not appear to be in the Digital Commonwealth online database. 1900-1913 35
Scrapbook organized and bound by the Longmeadow Historical Society. Not located, 2018 1900 36
Annie Emerson scrapbook of photographs of Longmeadow area properties. Many of the photographs likely by her brother Paesiello Emerson. Other photos are by John Farnum of the Springfield Republican. Scrapbook also includes several newspaper clippings related to Mrs. William Goodman. 1907-1922, undated 37a
Burbank collection of greeting cards, rewards of merit, ribbons, trade cards, and other ephemera. Original poem by Henry Lincoln Bailey dated 1915 1890s to 1910s
Autograph album signed by Longmeadow residents 1887 37c
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, photographs, programs, and other ephemera related to Longmeadow’s celebration of the National bicentennial. 1975-1976 38
Scrapbook Converse Street School Parent Teacher Organization. Includes newspaper clippings and photographs related to PTO events and the closing of the school.
Also includes a xerox of a news clipping related to other are school closings from 1985
1981-1985 39
Scrapbook of manuscript material related to the Lawton Family. Materials include correspondence, deeds, bills and receipts, passports, and other manuscripts. Much of the material is related to John Lawton, Reverend Sanford Lawton, Sanford Lawton, and J. W. Lawton. Includes several interesting drawings by a Joseph Bunnell of England who was a relative to the Lawton Family. 1782-1881 40
Scrapbook of clippings related to Longmeadow recreation. Several clippings relate to local residents college admissions and graduations 1956-1958 41
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings related to Longmeadow and East Longmeadow Bicentennial celebrations. 1976 42
Elizabeth Kaiulani Parsons Robinson scrapbook of clippings related to local weddings and the East Longmeadow Rod and Gun Club. Scrapbook includes some loose materials including several hospital bills. 1940-1952 43
Edward P. Tabor scrapbook of clippings. Includes clippings on deaths, Longmeadow and East Longmeadow split and area news. The scrapbook also includes handwritten valuations for West Longmeadow, 1882, 1889, and 1890. Tabor was a local selectman. 1873-1906, 44
Scrapbook of miscellaneous clippings pasted into a wallpaper sample book. Some materials are related to Longmeadow residents and events. Includes obituaries and wedding announcements. 1941-1978 45


  • Longmeadow (Mass.)--Centennial celebrations, etc.
  • Longmeadow (Mass.)--History
  • Emerson, Paesiello (1832-1927)
  • Lawton family
Types of material
  • Clippings
  • Photographs
  • Scrapbooks
  • Trade cards (Advertising)

William G. Fenton collection of Longmeadow postal history, 1818-1948

1 box (0.4 linear feet)

A listing of the first postmasters of Longmeadow compiled by William Fenton

Biographical Note
William G. Fenton was a resident of East Longmeadow and a member of the Longmeadow Historical Society. Fenton worked for the U.S. Envelope Company for 44 years and retired in 1960.

Scope and Content Note
This collection consists of research notes, rough drafts, and correspondence with people Fenton thought might be able to provide him with information related to his study of the postal history of Longmeadow. Fenton’s research resulted in two artfully arranged scrapbooks containing envelopes with Longmeadow cancellations, letters, several photographs of mail carriers from the early 1900s to 1940, brief histories of postmasters and post office locations, and a list of post office box holders from 1902. The scrapbooks also include a letter written by Mary Reynolds Schauffler, the American wife of the German missionary William Gottlieb Schauffler, while they were living in Turkey. Although Fenton’s interest was primarily in the envelope received by Amelia Reynolds of Longmeadow, Mary’s description of a plague in Turkey and general hardships is also valuable.

The collection also includes a typescript history of the first Longmeadow post office, which was in operation from 1814 to 1902. The history has biographical sketches of each of the eleven postmasters. There are also chapters on related subjects: “Post Riders and Early Colonial Posts,” “Early Roads and Paths,” “Stage Coaches,” “The Railroad,” “Longmeadow Industries,” and “Early Longmeadow History.” There is no evidence that his work was ever published.
Box and Folder Listing

Folder/Item label Date range Box:Folder
Collection of Pictures and Cancellations, Longmeadow, Mass 1818-1888 1
Postal History of Longmeadow, Mass 1860s-1943 1
History of the Longmeadow Post Office 1943 1:1
Rough drafts and notes Undated 1:2-3
Correspondence 1936-1950 1:4


  • Missionaries--Turkey--19th century
  • Post office stations and branches--History
  • Postal service--Employees
  • Postal service--History
  • Fenton, William G.
  • Schauffler, Mary Reynolds (1802-1895)
Types of material
  • Cancellations (stamps)
  • Letters (correspondence)
  • Photographs
  • Postcards
  • Postmarks