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Parkman Family Papers

Microfilm, atlas. Copies of the papers of Ebenezer Parkman and his family, plus an atlas that appears to have been used, and possibly created, by Ebenzer Parkman while he was at Harvard University.

Official collection name: Parkman Family Papers, 1707-1800

Location: Shelving

Local identifier: LH.017

Creator: Ebenezer Parkman and Family

Date: 1707-1800

Extent: 2 linear feet (7 microfilm rolls + atlas)

Subject: Parkman, Ebenezer, 1703-1782; Parkman family

Reed Collection

Finding aid

Photographs, letters, diaries, maps, administrative documents, scrapbooks. Papers and records relating to Westborough history collected by Charles H. Reed and later his daughter, Rachel Deering. Some of the items form the core of the book collection and the Genealogies of Westborough Families collection.

Official collection name:  Historical Papers of Dr. Charles H. Reed (a.k.a., the Reed Collection)

Location: Shelving; Map case; Roll Box.

Local identifier: LH.013

Creator: Charles H. Reed and Rachel Deering

Date: Undetermined

Extent: 5 linear feet (8 boxes + one oversize box + map case + Roll Box)

Subject: Local history–Westborough (Mass.); Westborough (Mass.)–Social life and customs

Finding aid: Reed Collection Finding Aid

Syed Hashmi Papers

Newsletters written and distributed by Selectman Syed Hashmi via e-mail to inform Westborough residents about issues, events, and his thoughts on how to improve Westborough.

Official collection name: Syed Hashmi Papers

Location: Shelving

Local identifier: LH.064

Creator: Syed Hashmi

Date: 2018-present

Extent: .25 linear feet

Subject: Westborough (Mass.)–Politics and government

Westborough Celebrations and Events Websites Collection

Websites for celebrations and important events held in Westborough.

Official collection name: Westborough Celebrations and Events Websites Collection

Local identifier: LH.071

Creator: Westborough Public Library

Date: 2018 – present

Subject: Spontaneous Events; Celebrations–Westborough (Mass.); Westborough (Mass.)–Social life and customs

Online access:

Westborough Directories

Various published directories for Westborough, covering various years.

Official collection name: Westborough Directories, 1873-1995

Location: Wood shelving

Local identifier: LH.052

Creator: Various

Date: 1873-1995 (with gaps)

Extent: .5 linear feet

Subject: Westborough (Mass.)–Directories

Westborough Games

Two games based on Monopoly with a Westborough theme.

Official collection name: Westborough Games

Location: Shelving

Local identifier: LH.047

Creator: Westborough Public Library

Date: 2000-2017

Extent: 1.5 linear feet (two boxes)

Subject: Games–Westborough (Mass.)

Westborough History Plates

Three plates, each with images relating to Westborough history (including one plate of the Library, produced by C. E. Beach, Druggist).

Official collection name: Westborough History Plates

Location: Shelving

Local identifier: LH.040

Creator: Westborough Public Library

Date: Unknown

Extent: 1 linear foot (2 boxes)

Subject: Westborough (Mass.)–Social life and customs

Westborough House Histories

Residents who have conducted historical research on their homes are encouraged to submit the results to the Westborough Public Library to share with future home owners.

Official collection name:
 Westborough House Histories

Location: Shelving

Local identifier: LH.066

Creator: Westborough Public Library

Date: 2019 – present

Extent: .25 linear feet

Subject: Dwellings–Westborough (Mass.)–History

Westborough Map Collection

Finding aid

Maps and atlases, mostly focused on Westborough and its surrounding areas.

Official collection name: Westborough Map Collection

Location: 2 map case drawers, double oversize atlases (in the wooden bookcase), Roll Boxes, library walls, and online

Local identifier: LH.012

Creator: Westborough Public Library

Date: Undetermined

Extent: 8 linear feet (double oversize and 4 Roll Boxes) + Map case

Subject: Maps–Westborough (Mass.)

Online access:

Finding aid: Westborough Map Collection – 19-12-16

Westborough Social Media Collection

Social media sites with a focus on the Westborough community as a whole. See individual subject collections in Westborough on the Web: Archive-It (https://archive-it.org/home/westborough) for more social media sites.

Official collection name: Westborough Social Media Collection

Local identifier: LH.077

Creator: Westborough Public Library

Date: 2018 – present

Subject: Blogs & Social Media; Social media

Online access: