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Labor relations case files [Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission]

Part of: Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission

Labor relations case files, 1950-1967 (Bulk: 1960-1967).

32 record center cartons and 8 document boxes
Call no.: LA5/430

Scope and Content: The Labor Relations Commission has the responsibility to administer the Labor Relations Law (MGLA c 150A) and the Public Employee Labor Relations Law (MGLA c 150E).  These case files, a record of this activity, consist of applications for commission intervention from state, municipal, and private employees and employers in cases concerning union representation or complaints of unfair labor practices.
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically, thereunder by docket classification, and then by case number
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Land study maps [Massachusetts State Planning Board]

Part of: Department of Commerce and Development – Division of Planning

Land study maps, 1936-1943 (Bulk: 1937).

ca. 1600 maps in 7 map drawers
Call no.: CD8/683X

Scope and Content: The State Planning Board was established in 1935 to be responsible for a physical development master plan for the Commonwealth.  In fulfilling this function it had these municipal maps prepared by the federal Works Progress (later Work Projects) Administration (WPA project no. 13684).
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by municipality
Notes: Transferred to Archives from Department of Public Works, 1980
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Land taking dockets [Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission]

Part of: Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission

Land taking dockets, 1894-1934.

4 volumes (partial record center carton)
Call no.: EN4/1173X

Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by land owner, thereunder chronologically
Notes: Spine title: Land settlement
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Ledger [Massachusetts Board of State Charities Visiting Agency]

Part of: Massachusetts Board of State Charities Visiting Agency

Ledger, 1872-1879 (Bulk: 1872-1873).

1 volume
Call no.: HS3.13/2522X

Scope and Content: The Board of State Charities and its successors from 1863 onward oversaw the Massachusetts state immigration and pauper relief functions, as well as the state’s charitable and correctional institutions. In 1866 the board appointed a visiting agent, under its secretary, to track and visit state wards sent out to indenture. The Visiting Agency was made a separate department within the board  in 1869 to investigate applicants wanting to adopt or indenture children, approve placements, conduct visits of children that were adopted, indentured, or otherwise placed out, and provide ongoing follow-up.
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Ledger of personal accounts of girls [Massachusetts State Industrial School for Girls (Lancaster, Mass.).]

Part of: Massachusetts State Industrial School for Girls (Lancaster, Mass.).

Ledger of personal accounts of girls, 1888-1891.

1 volume
Call no.: HS8.02/860X

Scope and Content: The State Reform School for Girls was established in 1855 and opened in 1856 at Lancaster as the State Industrial School for Girls.  From 1911 until its closing in 1972 it was known as the Industrial School for Girls.
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically
Notes: Deposited in the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College, May 4, 1976.  Transferred to Archives, Novolumes 11, 1982
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Ledgers [Danvers Insane Hospital (Mass.).]

Part of: Danvers Insane Hospital (Mass.).

Ledgers, 1892-1908.

2 volumes
Call no.: HS7.05/1020X

Scope and Content: The State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers, established in 1877, opened in 1878 as Danvers Lunatic Hospital. It was renamed Danvers Insane Hospital in 1898 and Danvers State Hospital in 1909. It was closed in 1992.
Arrangement: Arranged by account holder, thereunder chronologically
Notes: Ledgers B (1892-1898) and C (1902-1908) only.  B also includes daybook entries of monies received, miscellaneous cash, and interest.  C also includes ledger entries for special appropriations for capital improvements. (See also: Special appropriation ledgers, 1903-1933 ((M-Ar)513X))
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Ledgers [Massachusetts State Farm (Bridgewater, Mass.).]

Part of: Massachusetts State Farm (Bridgewater, Mass.).

Ledgers, 1903-1917.

3 volumes in 1 record center carton
Call no.: HS9.10/2529X

Scope and Content: Bridgewater, Mass., was the site successively of a State Almshouse (1854-1872) for so-called willing and needlessly dependent paupers, and the State Workhouse (1866-1887), for paupers convicted of misdemeanors as well as paupers generally (from 1872), and incorrigible juveniles (1869-1948). The State Workhosue was renamed the State Farm (1887-1955), which also included a State Farm Hospital for the medical needs of all inmates, as well as locals and poor admitted solely for medical treatment. The change in name was in deference to the admission of insane male paupers (1886), although it was  followed by the admission of aged and physically or mentally infirm inmates of the State Prison (1890). Insane admissions were then limited for a time to criminals (1894), forming a division called the State Asylum for Insane Criminals (1895), which was renamed Bridgewater State Hospital (1909). Units at Bridgewater were later added for female prisoners (1909-1930), so-called defective delinquents (males from 1922, females 1926-1954)–mentally impaired inmates requiring segregation from standard inmate or institutionalized populations–and for drug and alcohol addicts (from 1922, females to 1930 only), eventually mostly voluntary admissions. All Bridgewater State Farm facilities and divisions (including prison, almshouse, insane, and medical hospital functions) were administered by a common superintendent. The running of the State Farm, including industries and extensive agricultural operations, relied on work performed by all capable inmates.
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Ledgers relating to enlargement of the State House [Massachusetts State House Commission]

Part of: State House Commission

Ledgers relating to enlargement of the State House, 1913-1918 (Bulk: 1913-1917).

2 volumes and 1 file folder
Call no.: AF5.03/1624X

Scope and Content: The State House Building Commission was established in 1913 to oversee construction of east and west wing additions to the State House; in 1916 it was abolished and succeeded in this function by the State House Commission. Ledgers were created by these agencies to manage financial transactions of the project.
Arrangement: By type/name of account, thereunder chronologically
Notes: Has spine title: State House Building Commission. Cost of construction
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Legal briefs [Massachusetts Division of Milk Control]

Part of: Division of Milk Control

Legal briefs, 196-.

4 record center cartons
Call no.: EN2.04/2501X

Scope and Content: In 1934 Massachusetts established the Milk Control Board within the Dept. of Agriculture; in 1941 the Division of Milk Control was established under the supervision and control of a reconstituted Milk Control Board, replaced by the Milk Control Commission in 1953. Both bodies were abolished in 1983.
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Legal counsel policy and information files [Massachusetts Division of Drug Rehabilitation]

Part of: Massachusetts Division of Drug Rehabilitation

Legal counsel policy and information files, 1972-1977.

1 record center carton and 1 document box
Call no.: HS6.19/1193X

Scope and Content: State oversight of treatment for drug abuse in Massachusetts was successively the responsibility of the Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Board, established 1963 in the Dept. of Public Health, and of the Division of Drug Rehabilitation, established 1969 in the department of the attorney general, transferred to the Dept. of Mental Health effective 1971, and then to the Dept. of Public Health, effective 1982.  In 1986 the division was merged with that department’s Division of Alcoholism to form (as of 1989) the Division of Substance Abuse Services.
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