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Office of the Secretary of State: Annual returns and abstracts of court cases

Part of: Massachusetts Office of the Secretary of State

Annual returns and abstracts of court cases, 1872-1935.

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Call no.: SC1/550X

Scope and Content: St 1852, c 289 provided that justices of the peace in Massachusetts (those designated to try criminal cases called trial justices per St 1859, c 193) should provide returns with statistical and fiscal data for criminal cases tried, annually to the state secretary (police court justices  were likewise so required per St 1859, c 201), who was to make abstracts thereof for the General Court.  Per St 1881, c 66, such returns were to be made instead to the commissioners of prisons.  While this obligation continued, St 1905, c 321 mandated returns for civil cases to the state secretary by clerks of superior courts.  Criminal business was also included per St 1924, c 131.  St 1936, c 32 directed these returns instead to the Judicial Council.  Series includes returns/abstracts for part of the first and all of the second period when the state secretary received returns of criminal cases; for the latter, civil cases are included.
Arrangement: In two subseries: (1) Returns  (2) Abstracts; __interfiled and arranged chronologically, thereunder by county/court
Notes: 1872 (Worcester County only, fragmentary), 1924, 1926-1935. — 1875-1880, 1924-1934. –Box 1: 1872-1880.  Box 2: 1924-1935
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