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Acknowledgements and denials of settlement [Massachusetts State Almshouse (Monson, Mass.).]

Part of: Massachusetts State Almshouse (Monson, Mass.).

Acknowledgements and denials of settlement, 1870.

1 file folder (partial document box)
Call no.: HS3.06/936X

Scope and Content: The State Almshouse at Monson provided residence for paupers without settlement in the Commonwealth from 1854 until 1872.  St 1855, c 446, s 4 and St 1856, c 108, s 5 provided that if paupers, lunatics, and idiots sent to the almshouses were ascertained to have settlement, the municipality of such settlement was liable for expenses incurred until their removal.  Series consist of statements from municipal overseers of the poor that inmate has or has not settlement, and that the municipality therefore is/is not liable for expenses and removal.
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically
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