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Portrait photographs of Senate presidents and House speakers [Massachusetts General Court Sergeant-at-Arms]

Part of: General Court – Sergeant-at-Arms

Portrait photographs of Senate presidents and House speakers, 1898-1939.

99 photographs : glass photonegative in 5 boxes, 110 photographs in 2 record center cartons
Call no.: CT3/1296X

Scope and Content: Per St 1924, c 510, item 30 and more specifically St 1925, c 211, item 158a, the Massachusetts General Court authorized its sergeant-at-arms and the state’s Art Commission to expend funds for the preservation of photographs and photographed portraits of speakers of the House of Representatives hanging in the Speaker’s Room of the State House and presidents of the Senate hanging in the Senate Reading Room.  The objects were rephotographed by F. Ernst Zimmermann, with the resulting negatives being placed under the care of Charles O. Holt, sergeant-at-arms.  The now replaced photographic prints of the speakers of the House of Representatives authorized by Resolves 1894, c 95 and those of the presidents of the Senate authorized by Resolves 1898, c 84 (with some later ones) are also included in this series.  Photographers/studios identified in this series are Elmer Chickering, Charlotte Fairchild, Theodore C. Marceau, Richardson Bros., Frank A. Nowell, Robert E. Wescott, Notman Photographic Co., George H. Van Norman, and Julius M. Oppenheim.
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