Welcome to the Hatfield Historical Museum Catablog — a working project.

The Hatfield Historical Museum holds an extensive collection of archives and memorabilia from the 17th to the 20th centuries that help tell the story of Hatfield, Massachusetts, founded in 1670. On an ongoing basis, volunteers and staff will work to describe our collections and post them here. If you have strong research and writing skills and are interested in history or “old stuff,” consider becoming part of our volunteer team to write accurate and engaging descriptions of collections from our museum. Need some history volunteer work to round out your resume for college or grad school applications or a museum job? Or just looking for valuable work you could do in a museum? This might be the perfect fit. Contact the curator, Kathie Gow, at hatfieldhistoricalmuseum@gmail.com.

So far, we have brief descriptions of just several collections posted. Click the Collection categories box at right to check them out.